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Below are the top facts of last week.

Two-leg The word twoleg was used by Erin Hunter, author of the series WARRIORS.
Pseudoryx nghetinhensis Pseudoryx nghetinhensisis the Saola's or Asian Unicorn's scientific name! This creature is thought to have less than 500 left of its species.
Aglais io Io was the daughter of Inachus in Greek mythology, and lover of Zeus who was turned into a cow
Blood chit This person has come to help china in war effort. Soldiers and civilians,one and all,should rescue and protect him.
Neferneferuaten She was a woman who was a pharaoh who was a girl.
50-50 Based on current trends,existing interventions will not suffice to achieve a planet 50-50 by 2030
Dishwasher The first use of 'Dishwasher' to describe women was in 64BC and predates the actual word 'Dish'.
Baghramyan Avenue Aleksandr Baghramyan, who was born on 21st October, 2002, is the only legitimate heir to Ivan Bagramyan, hero of the Soviet Union.
Taipei 101 Napoleon is dead and was born in 1891
Janos Vaszary Janos was born on 30 November in 1867.
Mcmurdodontidae it is extinct and dead and in heaven
Mcmurdodontidae it is in hell and dead
Nicuatole Nicuatole is a corn masa based Spanish dessert that originated in Mexico.
Jongleuse The word is used in "Divisadero" by author Michael Ondaatge.
St Francis de Sales Vincent de Paul met Francis de Sales in Paris in 1618 or 1619. Francis de Sales' spirituality and writings, especially An Introduction to the Devout Life, and Treatise on the Love of God, were to have a profound influence on Vincent.
Ouzo effect It's pronounced "woozooo" because of the similarity it has to the word "woohoo" because emulsification is, in fact, fun.
Montjoie Saint Denis "Montjoie Saint Denis" was the war-cry of the French army at the Battle of Crecy on 26th August 1346. The victorious English and Welsh troops cried "For God and Saint George".
Qibli Qibli from Wings of Fire is part of a love triangle between Moonwatcher, Winter and him. Currently, Moonbli is winning over Winterwatcher.
Pentagonal Prism Pentagonal prism has 5 faces and 15 edges and 10 vertices!!It also is a Polyhedron and is made up of a Pentagon amd
Osip Mandelstam Osip mandelstam was a russian jewish poet.
Cavia porcellus The Cavia Porcellus is the scientific name for guinea pig
neicxitapayolhuiliztli the word means football in the nahuati language
Tsuboi he was a victim of world war twos atomic bomb
Jakow Trachtenberg Trachtenberg was born in Odessa, in the Russian Empire which is now called Ukraine.
Jakow Trachtenberg He graduated with highest honors from the Mining Engineering Institute in St. Petersburg and later worked as an engineer in the Obukhov arms factory.
Jakow Trachtenberg While still in his early twenties, he became Chief Engineer with 11,000 men under his supervision.
Bastnaesite Bastnaesite is used in cellphones for vibration motors, LED phosphors, speakers, and screens.
Neal Blaisdell Neal Blaisdell was a martian in disguise
Aglipayan Aglipayan is Filipino, or Tagalog, for Philippine independent
Panaeolus cyanescens The "ae" in Latin is pronounced "i" as in Me myself and I. Check out the French Canadian pronunciation and the Spanish and Portuguese.
Kinchega National Park Once a year local residents dress up in home made ewock costumes and recreate the battle of andoor
The Canterville Ghost Resumen en Ingles: The Canterville Ghost book about an American family (the Family Otis) to be moved to England, in that lace many believed in ghosts!For years no one lived in the house they "ere moving because they said it "as haunted but the Otis family did not care and moved there!At home there "as only the housekeeer named
Poncitlan Rolls from start ears aren't really that compelling of An idea for a character design tbh
Zoës Kitchen The two dots above the e means the letter is silent like when there is a curve above the letter. If it had a line above the letter it would be pronounced Zoey rather than Zo's.
Gionna Daddio Gionna Jene Daddio is Liv morgan from WWE add her on IG:@yaonlylivvonce her snapchat @drumroll twitter @yaonlylivonce
Suh (Korean surname) It's pronounced Suh (Like the U sound in understand) , NOT Soo (like the ou sound in soup)
Molvi Imran Raza Ansari She said the quote, "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life."
Platte River (Missouri) My second great grandmother died on the trail West and was buried along the banks of the Platte River. Bill Shurtz
Zuzana Ruzickova Zuzana Růžičková, a Holocaust survivor, was the first harpsichordist to record all of Bach's music for that instrument.
Ākāśa is a term for either space or æther in traditional Indian cosmology, depending on the religion
Verelst Henry Verelst signed a treaty with Manipur in 1762
Erial, New Jersey Theres a spot In. Erial nj thats called signal hill and if your on that hill you can see philly in the distance...fun fact its called signal hill because tgats where the native americans would send there smoke signals because thats the highest spot I. That part of new jersey
Raghuvamsa Raghuvamsa was written by Kalidasa during the gupta age
Gentse Feesten 3rd largest festival in Europe
Howard Ashman Songwriter for Little Shop of Horrors,The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin
Andijan, Uzbekistan Andijan is in Fergana valley
Chokurdakh Chokurdakh is in Russia
Letus Letus is the Roman god of death (Greek form: Thanatos)
Inemuri According to research,napping is healthy for cognitive processes..
Oglaigh na hEireann It peace keeps in places such as syria and Lebbanon Sorry for bad spelling
Oglaigh na hEireann The army has seven corps. Two main ones areInfantry and Arttilarey
Podocnemis unifilis the yellow spotted river turtle can live up ti 70 years in good living conditions and health
Wojciech Jastrzebowski Polish inventor, scientist, educator, and naturalist. He was the pioneer to study work and its nature. His work was published in the journal Nature and Industry in the year 1857, He coined the term Ergonomics.
Herleva Mother of William the Conqueror
QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM Elephants live only natively live in two continents in the world.
Neithhotep She was possibly the first female monarch
Sigrblót Sigrblót is a Holiday in Norse Heathenry that is celebrated in and around the 24th of March.
Ctenodactylus gundi 1 litter is 1 - 3 gundis.
Aegyo Aegyo is a term used in korea mostly by kpop idols which means to express cuteness
Canis lupus occidentalis Fafroo means Abujee which also means to be related or was related
Le bourru bienfaisant It was a comedy written by Carlo Goldoni in 1771
Tachtigjarige Oorlog Napoleon was the ruler of all Europe during his reign no one could beat him on land!
Danza de las tijeras Bob was born on 1929 in germany
Chthon Chthon originated in India from 200 B.C - 1975 in the exchange of the root Cocc. Chthon is widely used in the cities of ...1. NYC2. London3. Detroit4. Indrapusur5. Surat6. Mumbai7. LA8. Paris9. Colombo10. Dhaka
Hazel Levesque Hazel was born on December 17th.
JonBenet JonBenet Patricia Ramsey participated in many pageants.
Heriberto Rodriguez Hw was born in Yauco Puerto Rico
Club Brugge KV Club Brugge was founded in the year 1891
Makaʻāinana It means commoner in hawaiian
Neofelis Nebulosa The Neofelis Nebulosa is also known as the clouded leopard
AICE Aice is an ice cream brand made in Asia.
Kobayashi Issa His pen name, Issa, means "a cup of tea".
Anput Anput is the female equivalent to Anubis in ancient Egypt.
Yoneda Nabuo Yoneda, a Japanese mathmatician and computer scientist after whom the Yoneda lemma, that is Hom(Hom(X, _), F) = FX, in category theory is named.
Eryops eryops lived in the devonian period
Vava'u It is one of the 2 large island groups in Tonga.
Adachigahara Adachigahata is a place in Japan
Tomas Haake Tomas Haake is the drummer of the band Meshuggah.
Aveira An aveira is the opposite of a mitzvah
Tillandsia xerographica The xerographica plant is considered the queen of airplants!

Below are the top definitions of last week.

Zeuxine Zeuxine is a genus of orchid naturalized in Florida and native to Asia.
Shiroyama Battle of castle
Ticagrelor antiplatelet (ADP-P2Y12 receptor antagonist used after stent placement in coronary arteries.
Vanilla wafer a sweet treat
Hardanger Fiddle a norwegian fiddle that is said to be used by the fossegrim (a Norse Mythology creature)
Qijia The Qijia culture (2200 BC – 1600 BC) was an early Bronze Age culture distributed around the upper Yellow River region of Gansu (centered in Lanzhou) and eastern Qinghai, China. It is regarded as one of the earliest bronze cultures in China.
ostreatus In the case of this pleurotus, ostreatus means in shape of an oyster; some old specimen may show it, when the margin of the cap begins to break at a few places.
Guido (Cars) The car from Cars with extremely fast tire changing skills and an obsession with ferraris Guido
Bolbi Stroganovsky A god of high honour, yet he is not quite comparable to Shrek or Mike Wazowski.
Kegba ebaal A medicinal plant
Brujah Brujah is a clan of kindred in the roleplaying game "Vampire: The Masquerade" by White Wolf Publishing.
Valkyrior (Marvel Comics) dix r big and ur pus Z is wet now ur mum is pregnant with my child muther trucker
Loedel diagram A diagram illustrating the effects of Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity, invented by Uruguayan physicist Enrique Loedel Palumbo.
Tesia Means farmer in Polish
siun variant of 'Sieun' (Korean feminine given name). pronounced "see-uwn".
siun Gaelic form of 'Joan', a feminine form of 'John'. Pronounced "shoon".
Alexander Zivojinovich Alex Lifeson, guitarist for the band, RUSH
Shiun Maru Variant of 'Shieun' (Korean feminine given name). Pronounced "shee-uwn".
Ngundeng Bong Ngundeng Bong Bol his name and the meaning. 1/ Ngun mean giving something to someone and Deng mean god of Nuer ancestor Bong mean Alarmy Stock the swarming bird in River Nile in Africa Bol mean child who born after the twines Children Thanks Martin Riek Khor
Pollotarian A pollotarian is someone who eats only poultry/fowl - no red meat or pork. Pesco-pollotarian includes poultry as well as fish and seafood but also no red meat/pork.
Kattupalli It's port name in india
O-Desmethyltramadol O-DSMT is an active metabolite of tramadol
Savitri and Satyavan Savitri is the ideal Indian wife who saved her husband Satyavan from death by outwitting Lord Yama, the God of Death
Kasakela Chimpanzee Community A community that Jane Goodall created
PAN card You have to submit the pan card in the office by today
Manis tricuspis it is a scientific name for pangolins
QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM hi. im bored so this can be a word qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
Neferure Neferure is the daughter of Hatshepsut. Hatshepsut was the second historically confirmed female pharaoh. She ruled Egypt for more than 20 years.
Liqui liqui a outfit that consist of a jacket , long pants and a cowboy hat
Nala (The Lion King) Nala is a lioness from The Lion King and is Simba's wife. She had three kids. Nala and Simba had known each other from a very young age and have always been great friends.
Seiurus motacilla An Eastern wood warbler that nests on the ground.
Suona A chinese instrument that is loud big time
Tortillon Piece of paper usually rolled up with a scraped top used to topically blend
Vozrozhdeniye Island an island in the aral sea
-ishi Please provide more details. Thanks. Please provide more details. Thanks. Ishi in Hebrew means My husband
Fourcade a last name
Ban'ei Ban’ei is a horse race but the horses are attached to a 450kg sledge with the rider on it and they have to race around a court
Donehogawa Keeper of the Western Door of the Long House of the Iroquois
Eshet Hayil Woman of Valor
Danio tinwini Please provide more details. Thanks. danio tinwinni was named after tin win in 2018
Wynflaed From beauty to joy
Albert Ellmenreich Albert Ellmenreich was the poser of Spinning Song.
Corydon, Indiana A place name used for several towns in the United States.
Domicilium citandi et executandi Place or home where letters are sent to
Leda (Greek mythology) Zeus seduced her as a a swan
Le Festin (song) Simply select a language and press on the speaker button to listen to the pronunciation of the word. Leave a vote for your preferred pronunciation.
Huanan (disambiguation) Name of the Chinese Seafood wholesale market in Wuhan China, the supposed source of the Covid-10 virus.
Blemmyes A human-like creature of mythology with no head and it's face on it's chest.
Ylilauta ylilauta is a word that means thanks. I said ylilauta to my grandma Idk
Feijoada A Brazillian dish consisting of beans and stewed beef &/ pork, frequently served with rice.
Monasterboice Founded in the 5th century by St Butte -High cross of Muiredach.
Sandilya It's a surname
gortimer Please provide more details. Thanks. a boys name with 8 letter
Catrice Catrice is a variant of Catherine. It is french in origin and means pure.
Deogen Deogen, meaning "The Eyes", is a ghost that is said to haunt the Sonian Forest in Belgium.
PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS “a factitious word alleged to mean 'a lung disease caused by inhalation of very fine silica dust usually found in volcanos' but occurring chiefly as an instance of a very long word”.
AICE Aice is an ice cream brand established in Singapore.
Aequeosalinocalcalinoceraceoaluminosocupreovitriolic it means spa water Bath in England
Nastasha Nastasha is one of those popular students in school who has many friends and so smart.They are the most prettiest girls in the world.They are the best people in the world.
Araluen The fiefdom of the rangers apprentice
Apsley It’s Apple in parseltounge or snake language
Ceteris Paribus Please provide more details. Thanks. all things being equal or held constant. This is a phrase often used in the language of economics.
Aveira Aveira is a Hebrew feminine noun meaning transgression against God or humanity

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