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Below are the top facts of last week.

Pseudoryx nghetinhensis Pseudoryx nghetinhensisis the Saola's or Asian Unicorn's scientific name! This creature is thought to have less than 500 left of its species.
Verelst Henry Verelst signed a treaty with Manipur in 1762
Aglais io Io was the daughter of Inachus in Greek mythology, and lover of Zeus who was turned into a cow
Blood chit This person has come to help china in war effort. Soldiers and civilians,one and all,should rescue and protect him.
Neferneferuaten She was a woman who was a pharaoh who was a girl.
50-50 Based on current trends,existing interventions will not suffice to achieve a planet 50-50 by 2030
Dishwasher The first use of 'Dishwasher' to describe women was in 64BC and predates the actual word 'Dish'.
Baghramyan Avenue Aleksandr Baghramyan, who was born on 21st October, 2002, is the only legitimate heir to Ivan Bagramyan, hero of the Soviet Union.
Taipei 101 Napoleon is dead and was born in 1891
Janos Vaszary Janos was born on 30 November in 1867.
Mcmurdodontidae it is extinct and dead and in heaven
Mcmurdodontidae it is in hell and dead
Nicuatole Nicuatole is a corn masa based Spanish dessert that originated in Mexico.
Jongleuse The word is used in "Divisadero" by author Michael Ondaatge.
St Francis de Sales Vincent de Paul met Francis de Sales in Paris in 1618 or 1619. Francis de Sales' spirituality and writings, especially An Introduction to the Devout Life, and Treatise on the Love of God, were to have a profound influence on Vincent.
Ouzo effect It's pronounced "woozooo" because of the similarity it has to the word "woohoo" because emulsification is, in fact, fun.
Montjoie Saint Denis "Montjoie Saint Denis" was the war-cry of the French army at the Battle of Crecy on 26th August 1346. The victorious English and Welsh troops cried "For God and Saint George".
Qibli Qibli from Wings of Fire is part of a love triangle between Moonwatcher, Winter and him. Currently, Moonbli is winning over Winterwatcher.
Pentagonal Prism Pentagonal prism has 5 faces and 15 edges and 10 vertices!!It also is a Polyhedron and is made up of a Pentagon amd
Osip Mandelstam Osip mandelstam was a russian jewish poet.
Cavia porcellus The Cavia Porcellus is the scientific name for guinea pig
neicxitapayolhuiliztli the word means football in the nahuati language
Tsuboi he was a victim of world war twos atomic bomb
Jakow Trachtenberg Trachtenberg was born in Odessa, in the Russian Empire which is now called Ukraine.
Jakow Trachtenberg He graduated with highest honors from the Mining Engineering Institute in St. Petersburg and later worked as an engineer in the Obukhov arms factory.
Jakow Trachtenberg While still in his early twenties, he became Chief Engineer with 11,000 men under his supervision.
Bastnaesite Bastnaesite is used in cellphones for vibration motors, LED phosphors, speakers, and screens.
Neal Blaisdell Neal Blaisdell was a martian in disguise
Aglipayan Aglipayan is Filipino, or Tagalog, for Philippine independent
Panaeolus cyanescens The "ae" in Latin is pronounced "i" as in Me myself and I. Check out the French Canadian pronunciation and the Spanish and Portuguese.
Kinchega National Park Once a year local residents dress up in home made ewock costumes and recreate the battle of andoor
The Canterville Ghost Resumen en Ingles: The Canterville Ghost book about an American family (the Family Otis) to be moved to England, in that lace many believed in ghosts!For years no one lived in the house they "ere moving because they said it "as haunted but the Otis family did not care and moved there!At home there "as only the housekeeer named
Poncitlan Rolls from start ears aren't really that compelling of An idea for a character design tbh
Zoës Kitchen The two dots above the e means the letter is silent like when there is a curve above the letter. If it had a line above the letter it would be pronounced Zoey rather than Zo's.
Gionna Daddio Gionna Jene Daddio is Liv morgan from WWE add her on IG:@yaonlylivvonce her snapchat @drumroll twitter @yaonlylivonce
Suh (Korean surname) It's pronounced Suh (Like the U sound in understand) , NOT Soo (like the ou sound in soup)
Molvi Imran Raza Ansari She said the quote, "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life."
PaRappa the Rapper (TV series) it first aired in 2001 and stopped in 2002.
Sergey Karjakin Sergey Karjakin was born January 12, 1990 (age 31 as of 2021), Simferopol
Amos 'n Andy Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son and Pam from Martin
Khomeini Was a jerk who fouled a nation in 1979.
Manectric (Pokémon) Manectric is constantly discharging electricity from its mane. The sparks sometimes ignite forest fires. When it enters a battle, this Pokémon creates thunderclouds.
Manectric (Pokémon) Manectric discharges strong electricity from its mane. The mane is used for collecting electricity in the atmosphere. This Pokémon creates thunderclouds above its head.
Manectric (Pokémon) It rarely appears before people. It is said to nest where lightning has fallen.
30th June 30th of june
Tutanota Tutanota is the safest email platform of all.
Cristal Baschet here is a video of a Crystal Baschet
Völundr Völundr is the name of a master blacksmith in norse mythology
Hnahthial This term is of a mizo language.In this district of Mizoram a plant which name is hnahthial in mizo language is found in plenty that's why the name of this district is as of this plant name ....
Barakula Barakula National Forest is located in Queensland, Australia.
Jeremy Atticus "Jem" Finch from persuasion a novel by jane austin. jem finch is the father of katherine
Caer Sidi Fortress of the Welsh goddess Arianrhod, Lady of the Silver Wheel. Mentioned in the Mabinogi.
Wladyslaw Raginis Wladyslaw Raginis was in charge of the defenses at the battle of Wizna during the invasion of Poland, where his forces held out for several days heavily outnumbered.
Urwah Urwah was born in October 25 2013
Pierniki torunskie It was invented in the city of Torún, in Poland
Annis Boudinot Stockton She was a poet and married to signer of the Declaration of Independence Richard Stockton
De Smet, Idaho De Smet Idaho was the only place to have a Native American Boarding School in the whole state.
Pathinenkilkanakku It was written by Tiruvalluvar,Tamil poet and philosopher.
Ἐν οἴνῳ ἀλήθεια It is a sentence supposed to be said by Alceo de Mitilene and then, in Roman time, by Pliny the Elder.
Josuke Higashikata Josuke Higashikata has hair, a face, and limbs.I have a lot of friends trust me
Tsotne Bakuria Tsotne Bakuria was born in December 22 in the year of 1971
Sarvagya Sarvagya Sharma is a girl who is very smart
driblee Driblee are charaters in kirby games, first appearing as an enemy/friend in Kirby Star Allies.
Dennis Wojtkiewicz dennis wojtkiewicz is a big big boy bum bum who is also a little girl born in 1999
Mycena chlorophos they are found in japenese and brazilian forest
Queen Grimhilde She is based on the Evil Queen character from the 1812 German fairy tale, “Snow White.”
Aurore Gagnon A Canadian girl who was a victim of child abuse
Pro Evolution Soccer (video game) Please provide more details. Thanks. Please provide more details. Thanks. abas is abas and very abas and abas will abas more abas with abas but without abas
Sachin Chaudhary Sachin chaudhary was born on 3 Feb 2003 but his official birthday is 20 Aug 2003
Quixoticelixer The american rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers had a song called quixoticelixer, this song is part of musical album Californication, released in June 8, 1999
Web audio Hello, my name is insan.I'm taking American Accent Training. There's a lot tolearn, but I hope to make it as enjoyable as possible.I should pick up on the American intonation patternpretty easily, although the only way to get it is topractice all of the time. I use the up and down, or peaksand valleys, intonation more than I used to. I've beenpaying attention to pitch, too. It's like walking down astaircase. I've been talking to a lot of Americans lately,and they tell me that I'm easier to understand
crispae botanical name for subsection of clematis
Emil Aloysius Wcela the Roman Catholic Church who served as Auxiliary bishop of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, New York from 1988 to 2007. WikipediaBorn: May 31, 1931
Reyna Avila Ramírez-Arellano Reyna is in love with Thalia Grace!
Eustachius De Lannoy Dutch naval commander who was taken as POW by Travancore King Marthandavarma after decimating Dutch force in 1741 and De Lannoy became Travancore army Commander.
Bruce T. Halle Thanks. He was a complete loser that tried in vain to limit the progress of providing medical marijuana to patients across the country that desperately needed it to get of opiates or were looking for an alternative to poisoning themselves with chemo or radiation
Gaou Guinou He was the king of benin
Kang (Korean name) Is pronounced "gáng". im korean and this is my last name. whoever wrote the last comment is wrong
Zeljko Ranogajec Born in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia on May 22, 1961, also known as John Wilson, Ranogajec is an Australian businessman and professional gambler widely recognised as one of the most financially successful 'advantage players' in gambling. Aided by exceptional image memory, math skill, and flawless mastery in 'card counting', he is among the most profitable blackjack players in history, leading to subsequent bans from casinos across the globe but also acknowledgment from the Blackjack Hall of Fame. He also, at one time, held the world record for the biggest keno win. He is of Croatian descent, and originally is spelled Željko Ranogaječ.
Partnach Gorge partnach gorge was a filling location for a Werner herzog film

Below are the top definitions of last week.

Shiroyama Battle of castle
Tortillon Piece of paper usually rolled up with a scraped top used to topically blend
Neoclinus blanchardi It's a fish that spreads it's mouth out wide apart to protect itself.
St. Gudule from hunchback of notre dame
QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM Please provide more details. Thanks. It's all the letters on the keyboard in order. When you spell this word it means you’re bored.
Aristillus one of a series of lunar impact craters on our very own moon
qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmik ol.p qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmikol.p means that you are either bored or frustrated at whatever you’re doing or what’s happening at the moment
qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmik ol.p qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmik ol.p is what happens when someone is so bored or frustrated that they type qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmik ol.p on the keyboard, sometimes more than once.
qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmik ol.p Please provide more details. Thanks. Please provide more details. Thanks. Please provide hahahahhuwine ejkemene em. Jwiwkemd d d,w.wksi. A type of a friut that can turn into anything
qazwsxedcrfvtgbyhnujmik ol.p Please provide more details. Thanks. thanks the same thing over and over again skskeuwbe mddo what happens when people say that you can live for one year over and over again so you’re immortalsl.
Migdal Eder (biblical location) Please provide more details. Thanks. "Tower of the Flock" from Micah 4:8
Tantia Tope Tantia Tope was one of the prominent leaders of the revolt of 1857 or The First war of Independence.
Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 a german paratrooper rifle used in ww2
gweithio It means “to work” in Welsh
Hydrodaktulopsychicharmonica The word "hydrodaktulopsychicharmonica" is also recorded, composed of Greek roots to mean something like "harmonica to produce music for the soul by fingers dipped in water" (hydro- for "water", daktul- for "finger", psych- for "soul").
Aera Cura The first roman goddess to creat a human. Cura ( concern) or to ( care for)
Hisatsinom Native American Publeo Indians of the four corner region of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.
Pele-joez-el-gibbor-abi-ad-sar-shalom Wonderful in counsel is God the mighty, the Everlasting Father, the Ruler of Peace" Isaiah 9:6
Kangleipak Kangleipak means land of Kangla (dry land)
Parseltongue Parseltongue is the abiility to talk to snakes
Ali Stroker An actress and singer. The first actress who's a paraplegic wheelchair user to appear on a Broadway stage, and to be nominated for and win a Tony Award.
Ealasaid Gaelic version of Elisabeth, meaning the beloved
Linhenykus A dinosaur
Khiamniungan Source of great water. People living in Northeast India and parts of Myanmar.
Alphonse Mucha Alphonse Mucha is an artist who was best known for his stylised and decorative theatrical posters
deighilteoir Irish word for "Separator"
Svatovavřinecké Czech name for St. Laurent red wine
Thot The word started as a creole word boocaun
Ketsueki-gata The Ketsueki Gata is a pseudoscientific belief prevalent in Japan and South Korea, which states that a person's blood group system is predictive of a person's personality, temperament, and compatibility with others.[2] The theory is generally considered a superstition by the scientific community, similar to Western beliefs in astrology.
Elappully a place in kerala
Nintari :) Awesome and cool, pretty sweet individual.
Nintari :) a form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck. "the game"
Kulullû Considered the father of the mer-people, Kulullû was one of 11 spawn of Tiamat, the Babylonian
Vl'hurg Something in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Hitmonchan (Pokémon) Hitmonchan (Hiht-mahn-chan) is a Fighting-Type Pokemon. It's power is to punch.
Isonoe This moon only has a diameter of about 4 kilometers (also according to wikipedia)
Narikela Sanskrit Name Of Coconut Has A startling Meaning. Let us get the facts straight. Coconut has been growing perhaps naturally in India for millennia. India has the oldest language in the world, Sanskrit. Then , naturally the Vedic people must have kept a very apt name for Coconut, as they have don for numerous other foods, things and places.
Koktokay A scenical river valley in northern Xinjiang, China, near border with Mongolia.
Diatomaceous consisting of or abounding in diatoms or their siliceous remains
Pfizer Salt in food
Trapear Clean the floor with a piece of cloth put in a stick similar to a broom using water. It is used in Cuba.
Trapear Please provide more details. Thanks. thanks. Women put the cloth in the inferior extrem of the stick. The stick has to parts: a long one as a handle, and a short one similar to the plastic where the hair of a broom are put
Prunus dulcis Prunus dulcis produces the oldest and most widely known of all of the world's nut crops.
Buda (folklore) BuDa means base ,roots, foundation,ground, source in Indian language kannada
Twoedge To have a twoedge of sword in one's hand
scáth irish word for shadow
Tsotne Bakuria The oldest noble family name from 11 century. Bakuriani/Bakuria
Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane Hexanitrohexaazaisowurtzitane is an explosive with the chemical formula C6H6N12O12.
MAPPA (studio) MAPPA studio is a studio to animate japanese anime’s like Attack on Titan (go watch it now!)
Mycena chlorophos they are spicies of mushroom that glows at night
esteettinen That picture is an aesthetic picture.
Sachin Chaudhary Sachin means pure and chaudhary means who is king , rich person
Oyibo A doctor's name a doctor's name
Quabla Operator in physics and mathematics also known as D'alembartian
Web audio Hello, my name is insan. I'm taking American Accent Training. There's a lot to learn, but I hope to make it as enjoyable as possible. I should pick up on the American intonation pattern pretty easily, although the only way to get it is to practice all of the time. I use the up and down, or peaks and valleys, intonation more than I used to. I've been paying attention to pitch, too. It's like walking down a staircase. I've been talking to a lot of Americans lately, and they tell me that I'm easier to understand
Daoine Sidhe Please provide more details. Thanks. Fairy mound this is Irish or Scots Gaelic so none of the below is correct
Lautenwerk It is a lute and a harpsichord combined into one intrument
Jiraiya he is a pervy sage of konohagakure and one of the thre legendery students of the god shinobi
MS-1 The si unit of speed is meter per second it is represented in ms-1
læge Danish word for "doctor"
Vittala The Vijaya Vittala or Vittala Temple is the most famous and popular tourist attraction in Hampi. It was built around 15th century during the reign of King Devaraya II. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the form of Vittala. The temple is well-known for its exceptional architecture and unmatched craftsmanship.
Riccardia chamedryfolia Riccardia chamedryfolia, the jagged germanderwort, is a species of liverwort, a terrestrial plant .
Hnitbjörg In Norse mythology, Hnitbjörg is the mountain abode of the giant Suttungr, where he placed the mead of poetry for safekeeping under the guardianship of his daughter Gunnlodr. Odin, with the help of Suttungr's brother Baugi, drilled a hole into the mountain and thereby gained access to the mead.
Fatmagül Turkish

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