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Below are the top facts of last week.

Dais cotinifolia Dias cotinifolia is the botanical name for a south african tree daphyne
ruscher ruscher is a word that some people can not pronounce.
Asa Butterfield He is born on april 1, 1997
Dagoth Ur He is fpthe main antagonist of Elders Scroll 3
Plougonvelin Plougonvelin launched a linguistic plan in 2005 to encourage knowledge and use of the Breton language.
måneskin An Italian pop rock band chose måneskin as their name. The band rose to fame after finishing second in the eleventh series of the Italian talent show X Factor in 2017
Jakub Blaszczykowski He is a professional footballer from Poland.
Horyuji Temple Commisioned by Prince Shotoku in the year 607 CE
Tonke Dragt She was captured and placed in a japanese concentration camp when she was 12 in the second world war.
Korpiklaani (band) The band is known for it's metal twist on folk music.
Bilba Labingi This is the original hobbit name of Bilbo Baggins
Streonaeshalch The original name of Whitby Abbey
Outis Odessius in the Odyssey use Outis (meaning no one) as a pseudonym to trick the cyclops he was fighting
Koelreuter Report self incompatibility in middle of eighteenth century
Nohant The estate of George Sand
Placentonema gigantissima Parasites of the placenta of sperm whales
Aradhana Please provide more details. Thanks. Aradhna mins warship god, Aradhna can be also a name of person
Laika (dog) First animal in space
Bangtan Sonyeondan Kim Taehyung also known a V was born on December 12, 1995. He was born the same year as Park Jimin
Bangtan Sonyeondan Jin said that the members are not his friends but his family during an interview in 2018
Gwyllgi Called "The Dog of Darkness" or "The Black Hound of Destiny".
Lilo (Lilo & Stitch) Stitch is the alien and lilo is the little hawaiian girl
Ajaccio, Corsica Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio Corsica
PACKT publishing Packt, pronounced Packed, is a print on demand publishing company based in Birmingham, UK and Mumbai, India. Many of its book offerings concern information technology or software. It offers print books as well as e-books in several formats.
Visking tubing It Looks like a Condom! But Dont use it as one or you'll be paying child support for the rest of your life!
Meroë Meroë lay close to the Red Sea and became active in the trade between Africa, Arabia, and India.
Tenno Heika Banzai Tenno Heika Banzai was screamed by american soldiers at the event of 9/11 in san juan, hiroshima 1782
Marie Curie Marie Curies' remains are still so full of radiation we cant touch them without getting radiation poisoning.
thetaiotaomicron Name is made up of three Greek letters: theta - iota - omicron
Gherman Titov Gherman Titov manned the USSR mission to spend 24 hours in orbit on the Vostok-2.
Mutsu (apple) Mutsu is aromatic, sweet, and sharp, with juicy flesh. It is suitable for eating on its own, juicing, drying, or cooking, as it maintains its shape well when cooked. It can be kept for up to three months before going bad.
Oran na Cloiche Oran na Clioche - or the Song of the Stone - is a Scottish Gailic song about the Stone of Destiny.
cccp russia During the opening stages of operation Barbarossa, over 2,000 Soviet Planes [equivalent to the entire German Luftwaffe} were destroyed in a few months
Bamiyan Buddhas the buddha is made of sand dynamite and was blown up by egyptian goddess organization
pouvoir hydrogène pH was originally acronym for French clause "pouvoir hydrogène," which can be translated into the English as "power of hydrogen," "hydrogen power," or "potential of hydrogen."
Breanna Breanna was Born on June 22 in 200
Oxyrrhis marina Oxyrrhis marina is basal to all the dinoflagellates in the phylogenetic tree.
Tseax Volcano The Tseax Cone was the site of some of the youngest volcanic eruptions in Canada and has been active at least 2 times in the past few 100 years
Thanh Binh He was a colonel in the Long Tan war
KingBach He used to be a viner but vine ded
Cressida Cowell She likes cheese and was born from a cow
Boyan Slat Boyan Slat dropped out of his freshman high school year to begin the Ocean Cleanup nonprofit organization 5 years ago.
Katherine Von Drachenberg Katherine Von Drachenberg is the birth name of famous tattoo and makeup artist, Kat Von D.
Senbazuru it is often given on special occasions such as the birth of a child or a wedding and it is suppose to impart the recipient with a wish for good luck or long life.
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow He is the first dentist in the world to head a state or government.
Bamiyan They built statues into the walls of cliffs.
Nasim (name) Nasim comes from nasimboa, a rare middle eastern snake that eats dead animals. A sign of good luck
Teahupo'o Teahupo'o is a surf spot in tahiti
Craniates there are 5 kingdoms and all are living things and the Monera kingdom is the ancestor of all life on earth.
Lushootseed Taking their name from the traditional Lushootseed
Jean Nicolet (Nicollet) de Belleborne Jean Nicollet was 44 years old before he diedthe reason he died was because he drowed and his body was not found
Zazel Please provide more details. Thanks. Zazel is a demon in Hebrew mythology. He is one of the strongest demons.
Poteet City in texas
Oslo Fjord Warsaw is the capital of Poland
Robert Aske (disambiguation) Leader of the Pilgrimage of Grace 1534
Daveed Diggs Daveed Digs is known for his hair
Bürolandschaft This movement is credited as the inspiration for systems furniture started by Herman Miller in the 1960s
Phascolarctos cinereus the scientific name of a koala.
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus For example: Napleon was born on novermbor 21 21312414
Tawananna This was the title given to the Great Queens of the Hittites and the name adopted by the wife of Suppililiuma.
Gaokao One of the most toughest exam
Quezaltepeque City in Elsalvador
Brazeau Dam, Alberta Brazeau is pronounced brahzoo, I lived at the dam sight in the 1960’s and that is how the residents said it.
omba It means cheiftess in Rombatova, interchangeable with Obla, meaning cheif.

Below are the top definitions of last week.

Llygadwy a town in wales
Pays-d'en-Haut name given to the regions of the great lakes from Quebec to Ohio roughly during the 1700's
Cheri Cheri Lady Oh I cannot explain Every time it's the same Oh I feel that it's real Take my heart I've been lonely too long Oh I can't be so strong Take a chance for romance Take my heart I need you so There's no time I'll ever go Cheri Cheri Lady Goin' through emotion Love is where you find it Listen to your heart Cheri Cheri Lady Livin' in devotion Always like the first time Let me take a part
AFAB Asigned female at birth. A term used to describe someone designated "female" at birth.
ወንድ the amharic word for boy.
900 900th year anniversary of the Battle of Hastings
Jaliba Kuyateh The name Jaliba means great praise singer or griot in his native Mandinka language. His father, Kebba Sankung Kuyateh, also a renowned Kora player, gave him the name in anticipation of his future greatness.[2] Jaliba was born and raised in Niamina Dankunku[3] to musician parents approximately 61 years ago. He was officially born on the April 13th 1957,[4] though there is some controversy as to the exact date he was born as births in his village were not recorded at the time.[2] His grandfather, Wandifeng Jali, was also a famous Kora player of his time. Despite coming from a long line of musicians
Ossie Schectman Was an old NBA player in the 1900s
Cuauhxicalli A ceremonial holding area for sacreficed hearts
Shishunaga dynasty Shishunaga was the founder of this dynasty. He was succeeded by kalashoka, who transferred the capital form Vaishali to pataliputra.
δύναμη Please provide more details. Thanks. strength, or power as used in the book, Jersey Plummer And Volcanic Lightning
Amphisarca A type of fleshy fruit
Samehada Samehada means shark skin
B'wa Kell A large crime organization of goblins in the "Artemis Fowl" book series.
Angrboða A Jotun (giantess) of the Ironwood. First Wife of Loki; mother of Hel, Fenrir, and Jormungandr.
Onkaparinga Hills Onkaparinga Hills is a suburb in the south of Adelaide, South Auistralia
Nivea Creme Nivea means white as snow.
Kokotxa It is the jowls of the Hake fish, creating one of the historic Basque dishes in Spain.
Dragoi Pogradec A mythical dragon that lives in Lake Pogradec, located in Albania/Macedonia.
Sesquipedalianism The tendency to use long words
kejiwaan An adjective meaning spiritual or of the soul
Bonta The state of being good
Clos Luce A place in France, Leonardo Da Vinci once lived here.
Kikanuti Kikanuti is the goddess of the desert goblins for the Forgotten Realms D&D setting.
Yahweh-nissi Yahweh-nissi : The Lord God is my bunner
Hyaluronan Hyaluronan is the simplest gycosaminoglycan, composed of a repeating sequence of identical, nonsulfated disaccharides. Hyaluronan does not have a protein core.
Shiza a gift or present
Metasepia pfefferi It is the scientific name for the Flamboyant Cuttlefish
Mutsu (apple) The Mutsu apple (also known as Crispin) was introduced in 1948 and is a cross between the 'Golden Delicious' and the 'Indo' apple cultivars first grown in Japan. It is named after the Mutsu Province of Japan.
Sierra Club It is a public interest group formed to promote the conversation of natural environment.
Olorgesailie A basin in Kenya. The site of many important discoveries relating to human origin and development
Nidavellir Land of the dwarves in Nord mythology
Megingjord megingjord means power belt
Plakatstil Plakatsil is German poster style. It was part of the New Century and Early Modernism Movement.
Ecosia it is a search engine that benefits the environment by planting a tree for aprox. every 45 searches you make.
Dogue Creek Dogue Creek runs through eastern Fairfax County Virginia north of Mount Vernon and Fort Belvoir; it is pronounced like the word "dog"
Powhite Park Pronounced POW-hite , as pertaining to the Powhatan (POW-ha-tan) Indian tribe of Central Virginia
Celilo Falls celilo falls means bich as mother ducker
Dais cotinifolia It is the botanical name for a south african tree daphne
Pchum Ben . Thanks. Pitru pacsha celebrated in india
Ponyta (Pokémon) Someone put a horse in the oven for too long
Aaja Nachle Aaja Nachle is a 2007 Indian film. It was released in India and in the United States on 30 November 2007. The film stars Madhuri Dixit in her first film after five years, alongside Konkona Sen Sharma, Jugal Hansraj, Akshaye Khanna and Kunal Kapoor in pivotal roles. The film opened to mixed reviews and was declared a Flop by Box Office India.
Also sprach Zarathustra (Richard Strauss) a song that's well known but nobody can recognise the title
Nolle prosse Nolle prosequi is a Latin phrase meaning “will no longer prosecute” or a variation on the same. It amounts to a dismissal of charges by the prosecution. Some states, like New York, for example, don't use the phrase. Rather, they simply use the term dismissal.
Misie a beautiful woman of wisdom
Thanh Binh He was a person
Okieriete Onaodowan Okiertiete Onadowan is an actor in the Broadway show "Hamilton", written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Known by his friends and fans as 'Oak', he plays James Madison and Hercules Muligan.
Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow President of Turkmenistan since February of 2007.
Cutis marmorata telangiectatica congenita A rare condition in which the skin appears red pink and blue purple.
nkem Igbo word or name meaning "mine" or "my own"
Firenze (Harry Potter) Firenze is a centaur ( a half horse half human ) In the book, order of the Phoenix, he took over professor trelawnys job ( divination ) after unbridge sacked her. Firenze was kicked from his herd by Bane ( a fellow centaur ) after exepting Dumbledoors offer to teach.
QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm was made by someone who was mega bored to death.
Bürolandschaft an early 1950s movement in open-plan office space planning.
saug Saug is an op gun in bo4 and if u use double wield woaahh then it’s a gg
Elara (mythology) Mistress of Zeus. Mother of Tityos.
Emordnilap A reverse pair; such as evil - live
Saud Al-Shuraim Saud al shuraim was a imam in makkah
vete a la mierda Please do not use prophanity. Thanks. Vente a la mierda is Like “f*ck you” in spanish
Tui T. Sutherland Please provide more details. Thanks. Please provide more details. Thanks. Please provide more details. Thanks. She wrote the most amazing book of dragons ever, and was gracious enough to share it with the world.
boo d up Fall in love Falo in love
Jökulhlaup A type of glacial outburst

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