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Below are the top facts of last week.

Ole Römer ole romer measured speed of light
Utqiagvik Barrow's name was officially changed to Utqiagvik -- signed by the governor and went into effect 12/1/16
Darayya District Darayya is a town in Syria.
Chapecoense The team recently was in a plane crash.
Tsaatan Tsaatan people are a nomadic group of people in the northernmost part of Mongolia who rely solely on reindeer for life.
Darien (village), Walworth County, Wisconsin It stinks! Beware of the sludge Farm near 43 and 14
BeABohema The Bohemas were the summer softball team that Frank Lunney played 3rd base for when he was 13 years old. The team's rallying cry was "Be a Bohema!"
Leuthen In the Battle of Leuthen, fought on 5 December 1757, Frederick the Great's Prussian army used maneuver and terrain to decisively defeat a much larger Austrian army under Charles of Lorraine, thus ensuring Prussian (later German) control of Silesia during the Seven Years' War and for nearly two centuries afterward.
Hypophysis cerebri Situated in the pituitary fossa at the floor of the cranial cavity
KCO KCO is an online vintage clothing store based in the USA.
Elisabeth, Countess Greffulhe She died in 1952.
Wahunsenacawh wahunsenacawh is the father of pocahuntas
Prader Willi Syndrome It is for people who want to eat a lot of bread.
Hannah Ayscough Hannah Ayscough is Isaac Newton's mother who abandoned him with her mother to start a new family with Reverend Barnabus Smith
Iberolacerta cyreni It's type of lizard
puisín Puisín is the Irish word for kitten
Darayya District Darayya is a town in Syria.
Tamoul Tamou is pronounced the same way as tamil. Because of this, some people say the French 8 the English. 🤗🤗
Na h-Eileanan An Iar Nah Eileanan an Iar is the smallest constituency in the UK's electoral system to Parliament.
Mamaku The Mamaku, or Black Tree Fern, grows in New Zealand.
Musketaquid This was the name that Henry Thoreau gave to the boat that he sailed with his brother in his first book "A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers."
JOB (rolling papers) In 1838, a French craftsman named Jean Bardou came up with the idea for a booklet of rolling papers made of thin, pure rice paper. The booklets were a success and Bardou's trademark, the initials "JB" separated by a diamond, became such a common sight that people began referring to them as JOB, thus the brand-name was born.[1] By 1849 he filed for a patent for "Papier JOB".[2
Aphenphosmphobia It is won of the most common fears in the world.
Drentsche Patrijshond the Drentsche Patrijshond is a rare breed of pointing dog native to the Dutch province of Drenthe.
Maupeou Minister under under Louis XV who dissolved the parlements
Axel Fredrik Cronstedt Discovered nickel in 1751 Sweden
Elasmobranchii Elasmobranchii is the taxonomic order belonging to sharks, skates and rays.
Taotie chinese archaic masc design
Habanera The song Habanera is featured in the 2009 movie Up, and got the Academy award for Best Original music score.
Lincoln Parish The annual Peach Festival takes place in Lincoln Parish.
Lincoln Parish The parish seat in Lincoln Parish is Ruston. Ruston is also where the Peach Festival is.
Lincoln Parish In the parish seat, Ruston, of Lincoln Parish Choirs meet at the railroad at Christmas to sing carols and other Christmas songs. It's call Christmas at Railroad Park.
Lincoln Parish Ruston was one of the first towns in early Louisiana that was a railroad town. In fact, it was the biggest railroad town. Now it's just a little college town.
Lincoln Parish The college in Ruston is Louisiana Tech. LA Tech has a place called The Mural Center. The Mural Center has an outdoor and indoor pool. The outdoor pool goes down to 5ft. The indoor pool goes down to 16ft.
Lincoln Parish Along with pools. There is an ice-cream parlor, work-out room, 3 basketball courts, 3 ping-pong tables, a bowling alley, and 6 different rock climbing walls each harder than the first.
Gribenes Gribenes are the fried chicken or duck skin cracklings left over from rendering schmaltz
Toussaint Charbonneau He was a fur trader who joined the Lewis and Clark expedition.
Kūčios This was a big meal to everyone in lithuania for christmas
Hazel Levesque She is a main character in Rick Riordan's popular series of Percy Jackson and the heroes of Olympus
Allasani Peddana He was one famous scholar who adorned the court of Krishna Deva Raya of the vijaynagar empire
Itsenäisyyspäivä Finland's Independence Day on Decemer 6th
nuhuh It is used in the tv show friends.
Cloete (surname) Cloete is both a Portuguese, German and Spanish (Mexican) surname found in 1191 in Mexico and 1793 in Portugal and Germany. It is pronounced Klotz in GermanyIn Mexico it is pronounced Cloete ( Cloo-te ) and in Portugal it is pronounced Cloete ( Clue-ta )
Henryk Mandelbaum Henryk Mandelbaum was a holocaust survivor.
Marea My name is marea ans the correct pronouncation is in chinnese....thats how I was rasied saying my name
Kyle Juszczyk He was born in April 23, 1991 he is 6 foot 1 inch and he weights 240 pounds
Vespiquen (Pokémon) Vespiquen can only evolve from female Combee.
Haikyuu!! haikyuu is literally the japanese word for volleyball this is a show called volleyball about volleyball where all people play is volleyball they dont call free 'swim' but this is called just volleyball and im crying
Chorla Ghat Chorla Ghat is in karnataka
Yanomami people one of the largest groups of Amerindian people in South America
Tso Lhamo Tso lhamo lake is near himalayas
Nirad Mohapatra He was born on 12th November 1947 in Bhadrak, Odisha.
Kilkea Ernest Shackleton was born in this place
Djehuty Djehuty is another name for the Egyptian god Thoth
Ching Chuan Kang Air Base Home to 4220th ARS SAC 1969-1970
Yiruma Yiruma in Korean, "I shall achieve".
Neshaminy Neshaminy is an American Indian tribal community name.
Alonso de Ojeda he discovered Venezuela
Joyeux Noel Canadian and French
Lindsey the name Lindsey originally came from an Irish Heritage
Arambourgiania Possible ten foot wider wingspan than Quetzolcuatolus

Below are the top definitions of last week.

suyana this name became pop in 2016
skamma The sandpit that was used in the ancient Olympics for the long jump. It was 50 feet long and filled with soft sand.
BeABohema BAB was Frank Lunney's first science fiction fanzine, published in the late 1960s/early 1970s. Nominated for Best Fanzine Hugo Award in 1970, which was won by Richard Geis's SF REVIEW at the SF Worldcon in Heidelberg, Germany.
Konoha Village A village hidden in leaves
Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction Detoxification in response to drugs , simply feeling worse before feeling okay during treatment
Pere Noel Santa Clause in Canada
Klappertaart A delicious treat for any ages, not too sweet, not too plain.
Brei A Dutch dish similar to scrapple.
Hala Madrid HALA MADRID is usually use to say "go madrid"
Timor mortis conturbat me The fear of death disturbs me
Hugin & munin These are the names of Odin's ravens that bring him information from all over the world.
Hugin & munin These are the names of Odin's ravens that bring him information from all over the world.
puisín Irish word for kitten
Tsunokakushi Traditional Japanese headwear worn at weddings
Tamoul Tamou means tamil in french. It is mainly used when saying I speak French and when one person is saying this.
Xiuhtecuhtli Aztec god of fire, day and heat.
Gallion Used as a surname and as a place name in the U.S.. Also used as a place name in Ireland.
BULA it can either mean life hello or goodbye
Sphaeristerium Rectangular court
Torus (mathematics) A surface or solid formed by rotating a closed curve, especially a circle, around a line that lies in the same plane but does not intersect it (e.g., like a ring-shaped doughnut).
Solute A substance that dissolves in solvents.
Nurnberger Lebkuchen A German cookie
pequeña a small beer
Shachar Shachar means "Dawn" in Hebrew
Nguzo Saba Communitarian of African thought and Practic.
Aphenphosmphobia The fear of being touched
Choisya ternata a shrub in the rue family
Poipu, Hawaii Poipu is a major residential area on Kauai, Hawaii
Drentsche Patrijshond Dutch Partridge hound very beautiful hunting dog called the Drent for short.
Polonius He is King Claudius' advisor in the tragedy Hamlet by William Shakespeare.
Cruithne A type of asteroid
rojigualda Name of Spain's Flag
Coupvray Louis Braille born here and was buried here
Pizookie Pizza sized baked cookie usually topped with ice cream
Scinde Dawk It is the first postage stamp of India
Scinde Dawk It is the first postage stamp of India
Z'roa A lamb shank served on Pesach that represents a symbolic offering to a temple.
New Orleans It is home of the Super Dome of the Saints.
New Orleans During Hurricane Katrina, the Super Dome in New Orleans was a refuge for hundreds of people.
Mycosphaerella fijiensis The pathogen for the disease black Sigatoka
memere Cajun french and French Canadian for Grandmother
Pyccknn "Hello" in russian.
Francoise Gilot leafy is here to be a reptilian
Traceuse A female practitioner in the art of parkour and freerunning.
Cerca trova 'seek and ye shall find.'
Lisbon Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal.
Madrid Madrid is the capital city of Spain.
Brussels Brussels is the capital city of Belgium.
Amsterdam Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands.
Berlin Berlin is the capital city of Germany.
Vilnius Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania.
Riga Riga is the capital city of Latvia.
Tallinn Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia.
Helsinki Helsinki is the capital city of Finland.
Ljubljana Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia.
Zagreb Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia.
Sarajevo Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Podgorica Podgorica is the capital city of Montenegro.
Tirana Tirana is the capital city of Albania.
Bucharest Bucharest is the capital city of Romania.
Ankara Ankara is the capital city of Turkey.
Luxembourg City Luxembourg City is the capital of Luxembourg.
Bern Bern is the capital city of Switzerland.
Vienna Vienna is the capital city of Austria.
Prague Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic.
Copenhagen Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark.
Bratislava Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia.
Budapest Budapest is the capital of Hungary.
Minsk Minsk is the capital of Belarus.
Nicosia Nicosia is the capital city of Cyprus.
Reykjavík Reykjavík is the capital city of Iceland.
Dublin Dublin is the capital city of Ireland.
Skopje Skopje is the capital city of Macedonia.
Belgrade Belgrade is the capital city of Serbia.
Cardiff Cardiff is the capital city of Wales.
makaʻu To be afraid/fear or scared. To warn of danger.
299,792,458 speed of light
Ejército de Liberación Nacional The ELN is a guerrilla insurgent group in Colombia.
WASP wiskott-aldrich syndrome protein
Szaloncukor A Hungarian Christmas candy made of fondant, wrapped in foil and hung on Christmas tree.
Itachi Uchiha A character from the anime Naruto
Chorla Ghat it is a hill station in karnataka
Adalheidis Adalheidis is the Old Germanic version of the English name Adelaide which means "noble natured."
Gyanze Gyanze is aTibetan city that was under attack in the 1860s
Yiyongjun Jinxingqu the national athem for china
Yiruma South Korean Pianist, performer, and composer
Religare to tie/bind
Avigayil my father is joy
Chiindii Navajo for ghost.
Oneirology The scientific study of space
Joyeux Noel Merry Christmas
Zasliai Town in Lithuania
gaoithe Faerie mounds in Ireland
semper eadem Latin: always the same (feminine) : motto of Queen Elizabeth I
Euaggelion That is the Greek name for Evangelism
Leuthen A city in old Silesia.