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Below are the top facts of last week.

Umarex USA Umarex USA is a well renowned replica firearms manufacturer originating in Germany,
Lieutenant (Canada) The official pronunciation in Canada is Left tenant, but outside the military and government many people are influenced by the American Loo tenant.
Zhou Chuan Xiong Zhou chuan xiong has two children with his wife wife Vivian. A son and a daughter.
Xerospermophilus Xerospermophilus is a genus of ground squirrels in the family Sciuridae, containing four species.
Roborovski Hamster They live the longest out of all the breeds of hamsters.
Kallai Kallai was born in 1993
Dieter Rams Dieter Rams came up with ten principles of design which have been called the design ten commandments.
Clostridium chauvoei Clostridium chauvoei is a spore-forming bacteria that, in severe infections, cause blackleg.
Yoon Eun-Hye Yoon eun hye was born on October 3, 1984
April 30th 30th of april
Rudolf Kjellen He was one of the first using biopolitic terms
Metagross (Pokémon) Metagross has a mouth on the bottom of its head that is lined with sharp teeth
Kele Okereke Singer and rhythm guitarist of the UK indie rock band Bloc Party
Yossef Gutfreund He was shot by the black september palestinian terrorist group in 1972.
Rocky Rocky Matthers is a Mexican-American actress who's done some film and producing work.
Aunu'u In the late 1950's, people in Aunu'u got sick from eating the Hawksbill turtle.
Gregoire Maret Grégoire Maret was born in 1975 in Geneva, Switzerland. He began playing the harmonica at the age of 17. He graduated from high school in 1994. After high school, Gregoire attended the Superior Conservatory of Music in Geneva, after which he went on to pursue his study of the harmonica in The New School University's Jazz Department in New York City.
Kotataberry Mix between blackberry and Marion berry Cultivated in Corvallis Oregon as a replacement for Marion-berries and though good in taste not a replacement but are able to be grown earlier in the season.
Firdaus Kharas Firdaus Kharas is a renowned producer of animation that saves or improves lives
Vierendrra Lalit Vierendrra Lalit (born in village Dhimahi, Bulendshehr, U.P, on 16 March 1969 ) is an Indian-born cinematographer and film director.
Methylbenzoylecgonine Chemical name for Crack Cocaine
farton My friend Sofia was diagnosed with Farton Syndrome (FS) And has since overcomed many life obstacles.
Al Hamra Tower Please provide more details. Thanks. Al hamra towers construction started in 2005 and was completed in 2011
Tachanka He is a godly gopnik, up there with Boris
Naqqal Naqqal is the name given to Storytellers who would travel from village to village in Persia, entertaining the people, often for donations
agitadores PARTY CITY sells a box of 1000 DRINK STIRRERS aka AGITADORES , which I guess is French, since it says BATONNETS A MELANGER ( with Frenchy markings ) ... They're black, of course.Get 'em while they last!
Kiwirrkurra Ryan was born on the twenty ninth of January 2006
Ayauhtéotl Ayauhteotl, is a feminine given name in the language of Nahuatl.
Galiuro Wilderness In southern Arizona, this is pronounced Gal OOR oh. Everyone of your English (USA) files has it wrong
Lueders Lueders is the surname of famous singer and actor Carson Lueders
Megingjord The magic belt worn by Thor in Norse mythology that doubles Thor’s strength
Mo Ghile Mear Mo Ghile Mear is actually pronounced moh gill-eh Mar
Kudryavka first doggo in space, most commonly known as Laika
Savoonga, Alaska Alaskan community on an island in the Bering Sea near Nome
Grenaa Insulin substitute is a life important substance to treat diabetes, this was created by the scientist August Krogh, who recieved a Nobel Prize in medicin in 1920. He lived in Grenaa
Tomas van Houtryve He is a famous photographer using drones to take images of the US-Mexican border.
Bhikaji Cama Bhikaiji cama was born on September 24 in the year 1861
Hyracotherium The first horse in the timeline evolution of horses.
Heironeous He is the brother and sworn enemy of Hextor, god of tyranny and brutal warfare.
99th meridian entering its 99th year of celebrations this year
Foglesong Kelly Foglesong was born in 1963 and is the most handsome man in the world
Nora Fatehi Fatehi was born in banglore
Nate Feuerstein NF had a troubled childhood with an abusive father, and his mother died when he was young of an overdose. He writes in his songs about real life issues about his parents and about depression.
Shum (surname) Shum is the Cantonese version of the mainland “Shen”
Mfuwe City in Zambia
1234567890 One-billion, two-hundred and thirty-four million, five-hundred and sixty-seven thousand, eight-hundred and ninety.
Hmong Daw language Michelle Lisa Rodriguez on this day looked up Hmong Daw and learned her name means e-mail...OH JOY!!
Songdo Convensia The Songdo Convensia Convention Center is the first project
Lurline Lurline is pronounced Lurleen as Pauline is pronounced Pauleen
Dugesia Dugesia belongs to the phylum platyhelminthes of the kingdom animalia
Shiro Ishii Shiro Ishii was pardoned from the things he did with Unit 731 because he told the US government about the experiments they had tested on subjects. He later died of throat cancer at the age of 67
Crerar General Harry Crerar commanded the First Canadian Army during World War II.
Nurhaci Nurhaci, born 1554 was one of two leaders of the early Jin Dynasty who united the tribes of southern Manchuria and eastern and southern Mongolia. The second leader was his son, Hong Taiji born in 1592.
Hemitheconyx caudicinctus This is commonly known as the African fat-tailed gecko!
City of Irvine city of Irvine California
Shogunate The emperor and shogun were the most highest ranked in the Japanese feudal system, the shogun had more power with his special sword called a nihonto than the emperor because the emperor actually had little power
Sciacarello It is the predominant grape of Corsica
Il Duce Benito Mussolini, the leader of the Fascist Party in Italy, was called Il Duce.

Below are the top definitions of last week.

Elasmosauridae A species of Marine prehistoric reptiles with notably long necks.
Pays-d'en-Haut name given to the regions of the great lakes from Quebec to Ohio roughly during the 1700's
Cheri Cheri Lady Oh I cannot explain Every time it's the same Oh I feel that it's real Take my heart I've been lonely too long Oh I can't be so strong Take a chance for romance Take my heart I need you so There's no time I'll ever go Cheri Cheri Lady Goin' through emotion Love is where you find it Listen to your heart Cheri Cheri Lady Livin' in devotion Always like the first time Let me take a part
AFAB Asigned female at birth. A term used to describe someone designated "female" at birth.
ወንድ the amharic word for boy.
900 900th year anniversary of the Battle of Hastings
Jaliba Kuyateh The name Jaliba means great praise singer or griot in his native Mandinka language. His father, Kebba Sankung Kuyateh, also a renowned Kora player, gave him the name in anticipation of his future greatness.[2] Jaliba was born and raised in Niamina Dankunku[3] to musician parents approximately 61 years ago. He was officially born on the April 13th 1957,[4] though there is some controversy as to the exact date he was born as births in his village were not recorded at the time.[2] His grandfather, Wandifeng Jali, was also a famous Kora player of his time. Despite coming from a long line of musicians
Ossie Schectman Was an old NBA player in the 1900s
Cuauhxicalli A ceremonial holding area for sacreficed hearts
Shishunaga dynasty Shishunaga was the founder of this dynasty. He was succeeded by kalashoka, who transferred the capital form Vaishali to pataliputra.
δύναμη Please provide more details. Thanks. strength, or power as used in the book, Jersey Plummer And Volcanic Lightning
Samgyupsal samgyupsal is a three layered flesh, its like a bacon but much thicker
Anansi the Spider Anansi, the trickster from the folktales of the Ashanti of West Africa, takes the shape of a spider who goes to the sky god to buy his stories to share with the world. Anansi’s stories would become popular through the African diaspora all over the Caribbean and southern US.
Harkut-ul-Mujahideen The way(s) of the Mujahideen
Kinelski Ust ( mouth of ) Kinel ( river in Samara area of Russia ) ski ( region of ).
Smirking emoji An evil smile A crooked or sideways smile
Elytra Hardened outer/ front wing case of an invertebrate mostly coleoptera (beetles)
Lauwiliwilinukunukuoioi a beautiful hawaiian butterfly fish
Embolia cutis medicamentosa Nicolau syndrome is an uncommon complication of intramuscular injection leading to variable degrees of necrosis of skin and the underlying tissues.
Ucides A species of crab
Popoki "Cat" in Hawaiian
Zenzizenzizenzic A number raised to the 8th power
Ietsism The suspicion or belief that something that transcends our known reality exists, but does not necessarily fit within the view of a particular religion, belief system, or school of thought.
Eundeok Eundeok is a city in North Korea
sciscitator Latin for scientist
Kaishakunin A friend or relative of one performing obligatory seppuku. There role Kaishaku was to strike the head from the body once Seppuku was begun.
Shephatiah Fifth I. Line to the throne of King David.
Monginis It is a company of cakes
Q'eqchi Please provide more details. Thanks. A language that was created by the Mayans and is used in Guatemala by thousands of people.
George Bilgere "George does not write 'bilge(re)', slang for nonsense
Olorgesailie A basin in Kenya. The site of many important discoveries relating to human origin and development
Maori The Maori are the native people of New Zealand.
Sinoceratops Sinoceratops is a genus of ceratopsian dinosaur that lived 72 to 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period in what is now China
Sinoceratops Sinoceratops is an extinct genus of ceratopsian dinosaur that lived approximately 72 to 66 million years ago during the latter part of the Cretaceous Period in what is now Shandong province in China
Agiocochook Native American name for Mt Washington, NH
Ayauhtéotl Ayauhteotl is said to be the Aztec goddess of the haze and mist.
Bijuu Beejui means that salad bojuuu mike love his videos good bye ya scrubs
Beth-haccerem A city in the bible
Umarex USA Umarex USA is a replica firearms manufacturer originating in Germany.
Illyricum A Roman province which is now in the region of Albania
Lest We Forget to remain in memory
Lest We Forget a consequence of forgetting; to remain in memory
syndesmophytes syndesmophyte is a boney growth originating inside a ligament
ICER my pair of deuces was an icer against a pair of aces when a deuce came on the flop in no limit holdem poker.
Francisco Hernández de Córdoba (Yucatán conquistador) its a girl with a dig bick
Ahoge literally foolish hair, is a visual cue common to Japanese anime and manga. Consisting of a single, often large, lock of hair sticking out from the top of the head, it is most often used to identify foolish, bumbling or carefree characters.
Zyzzogeton Rare genus of leafhopper in South America.
Hmong Daw language Michelle name means e-mail in an old language
méniane also a family name
ofy short for ophelia
Huahine A French Pacific Island
QorIQ is a brand of ARM Architecture microprocessors
Songdo Convensia The Songdo Convensia Convention Center is the first project
Lasius niger Please provide more details. Thanks. Common black garden ant. Great for a first time ant farmer
Enbarr Enbarr is a horse in the Irish Mythological Cycle which could traverse both land and sea. The horse was the property of the sea-god Manannan mac Lir, but provided to Lugh to use at his disposal.
Eau de Parfum Perfume that is less concentrated than the normal perfume. It ranks second in the concentrated-ness among perfume, eau de toilette and eau de cologne.
Mizuhara To act, or manifest voluntarily.
Dowry death I don't know the meaning of that but it was project to speech of save girl child
Ophiocephalus A species of fish that can utilise atm oxygen when water dries up
Buin Zahra Buin Zahra is the name of a city in Iran, near the city of Qazvin, west of Tehran
TWRP TWRP is short for the Team Win Recovery Project - https://twrp.me/ . It is a custom recovery for android, allowing customisation such as ROMs, and things like backup etc.

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