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Below are the top facts of last week.

Dosenwelten Dosenwelten was founded by Mathias Kolban in 2007. It promotes tinboxes (in German Blechdosen)
Ivan Pylypiw First Ukrainian male to settle in Canada in 1891
Atargatis Atargatis was a powerful moon goddess. Hers was the first recorded mermaid story in history, as far as anyone can tell right now. It took place around 1000 B.C.E. in the place we now call Syria. According to the story, Atargatis fell in love with a shepherd. There are two versions of the myth. One of them is that she and the shepherd had a child, but their little girl was a mortal. Devastated, the goddess plunged into a lake, where she hoped to be transformed into a fish. However, the universe could not hide her otherworldly beauty, and so she only became half fish, with a mermaid's tail. Source: Mermaids, the Myths, Legends, and Lore, by Skye Alexander.
Meine Ehre heißt Treue Given by Adolf Hitler to the SS as there official motto.
Tajiri Satoshi Created the world famous Pokémon franchise that currently has a value of $29 billion.
Qin Shi Huang-Di Qin Shi Huang-Di became emperor in 246 B.C. when he was only 13 years old.
Stalag Luft III Stalag Luft III was a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.
Der Grossman Der Grossman means Tall Man. It is also used as Slendermans name.
Beinn Dearg Beinn Dearg means Red Hill. It is a dome of pink granite
Luhn Algorithm used to establish a valid credit card number
Llwynypia Dr. Daniel Specter lived in Llwynypia and served the Rhondda as their doctor for 49 years, from 1938 until 1987
Rocailles Rocailles are round seed beads used in jewelry making.
русалка Means mermaid in Russian and Ukrainian
No Way Out (DJ Trevi song) Treavor Alvarado, better known as DJ Trevi is Spanish DJ. Originally from Los Angeles, California Alvarado now lives in Barcelona. Alvarado was nominated for best Electronic single of the year at the 23rd Annual L.A. Music Awards. He has also appeared on film and TV and is and also a film director.
Taur Matan Ruak The President of Timor Leste
Katsuhiko Okamoto Katsuhiko Okamoto was the inventor of the void cube, floppy and super floppy cubes, the latch cube, and the slim tower cube or 2x2x3
Pinocembrin An Antioxidant found in Honey, Damiana, fingerroot and propolis
Tetrapterygidae Tetrapterygidae was also known as Microraptor and had four wings. It hunted for small mammals, lizards, and fish.
Tirat Zvi one of the sunniest places on earth !
Fernao de Magalhaes Fernao was born in 1480, and died on April 27th 1521
Alexander Spesivtsev convicted of killing 19 people in Russia in 1996
Yatagarasu yatagarasu is a 3 legged crow , that guides emperor chuni , to the great mountain
Palierne Equation Palierne equation connects the dynamic modulus of emulsions with the dynamic modulus of the two phases, size of the droplets and the interphase surface tension.
Trieu Au she was a rebel woman orphaned in childhood and she lived with her brother! on growing she lefy home and went to jungles and organised army against chinese.
Ruth Reichl Past food editor NYT; author of Tender at the Bone, is a woman, mother, daughter.Please write a more detailed fact.
Nuada Airgetlám Nuada AIrgetlàm was the first king of the Tuaatha de danann
Fernao de Magalhaes This name is write down Fernão de Magalhães. The "ã" is an "a" with a very nasal sound, as a compressed "an". Actually, "ã" is an "a" with a "N" above.
Dzyarzhynskaya Hara It's the highest point in Belarus
Clonycavan Man Clonycavan man was discovered by a group of peat cutters.
instantane This tutorial teaches the entire Ada 95 dialect of the Ada language. It is composed of 33 chapters which should be studied in order since topics are introduced in a logical order and build upon topics introduced in previous chapters. It is to the students benefit to download the source code for the example programs, then compile and execute each program as it is studied. The diligent student will modify the example program in some way, then recompile and execute it to see if he understands the material studied for that program. This will provide the student with valuable experience using his compiler.

Below are the top definitions of last week.

Pi Hahiroth The second place that the children of Israel camped on their Exodus from Egypt, located between Migdol and the Red sea, opposite Baal Zephon. It means mouth of freedom. Pi Hahiroth is where Moses obeyed God by lifting up his rod, and stretched out his hand to divide the water, and this is where the children of Israel crossed the Red sea on dry ground.
Puʻu ʻōʻō volcanic cone in hawaii
banphrionsa Princess in Irish
Tachanka A tachanka (Russian: Тачанка) is a horse-drawn platform with a heavy machine gun in the back. It was used with great success by Russian forces in the Eastern Front in WWI and later by the various factions in the Russian Civil War.
Pratais potato in irish gaelic
Meine Ehre heißt Treue Means"My honor is loyalty."
PIZZA Yummy food shaped in a triangle that you can add mostly any topping to.
Nizam-ul-Mulk Founder of Hyderabad
Sieffre o Fynwy One of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Welsh names.
Khristos voskrese Christ is risen
Cill Charthaigh A town in County Donegal, Ireland
Danse de la Chevre Dance of the Goat
Anton Stadler 18th Century German clarinet virtuoso
Teschenmoschel The land pocket where in the stream "moschel" flows.
Demain des l'aube Tomorrow, at dawn
Hephzibah It means that he us not cursed anymore, but blessed
sgwâr Welsh word for square
gwyrdd Welsh for green
cylch Welsh for circle
Religare Latin for "religion"
reòiteag Icecream in Scots Gaelic
Beinn Dearg Phonetically pronounced. Bane Jerrik it is Scottish gaelic meaning Red Hill.
Blonde d’ Aquitaine a breed of cattle
gealltanach Meaning is hopeful or promising. Such as a promising endeavor
Euthanasia Coaster Roller coaster designed to kill its riders.
Dosenwelten The word of tinboxes
1a-dosenshop Onlineshop for tinboxes in Braunschweig, Germany.
Bubo scandiacus scientific name for the snowy owl
русалка Means mermaid in Russian and Ukrainian
Rhythm & Reason From the ocean tides to our own heart beats, rhythm is essentially an event repeating regularly over time.
Hainuwele Hainuwele means coconut branch.
suidhe seat on a field or hill
swaard Swaard is the Afrikaans word for sword
Karambit A curved knife originating from south east asia
Anthochaera phrygia It is the scientific name of a regent honeyeater.
Achsah Ankle bracelet
Nerine Bulb that flowers in autumn. Usually red or pink
Curia advisari vult The judge did not deliver an oral judgment, but took time to consider before delivering judgment.
Tetrapterygidae Microraptor , and A Dinosaur
Abeona Goddess of Outward Journeys
Glen Eyrie Valley of the eagle's nest
Tirat Zvi currently populated town west to the jordan river
Haluski Common and economical cabbage and noodle or dumpling dish popular throughout eastern Europe.
Bangtan Sonyeondan A South Korean pop group consisting of 7 members and specializing in pop and hip-hop music, with various songs that vocalize problems that youth today face
ακεραιότητα integrity; wholeness
Lyapunov It is used in linear matrix inequalities
Camtechman Camtechman is an abbreaviation of Camera Technical Man
Thylane Blondeau Dan Tran's Wife. Soon to Be Sweet 16. Happy Birthday Baby!
Natsilane a person`s name
White Stag Leadership Development Program Program for Leadership Development
White Stag Leadership Development Program Program for Leadership Development