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Below are the top facts of last week.

Rose-of-Sharon it is pronounced rose of share ran
Karen Hesse born in 1952
Karen Hesse won Newberry medal for Out of the Dust
Park Chanyeol The complete artist from south korea born on 27 of September 1992.
Signum Fidei "Signum Fidei" is Latin for "Sign of Faith"
Panthera blytheae Panthera blytheae is (currently) the oldest known big cat to have existed.
Sekhemkhet Truth is Sekhemkhet cause of death was accidental.
Sekhemkhet Tim Beck of Australia since a very early age has known Sekhemkhet's cause of death, who caused it and how including two generations who succeeded after Sekhemkhet.
Arrecina Tertulla Arrecina Tertulla was the spouse of Titus a Roman Emperor of the 1st century.
Oten Shimokawa Oten was born in may second 1892 and died in may 26 1973
Emilie du Chatelet Gabrielle Émilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, Marquise Du Châtelet was a French natural philosopher, mathematician, physicist, and author during the early 1730s until her untimely death due to childbirth in 1749.
Emilie du Chatelet Her most recognized achievement is her translation of and commentary on Isaac Newton's book Principia containing basic laws of physics.
Emilie du Chatelet She participated in the famous vis viva debate, concerning the best way to measure the force of a body and the best means of thinking about conservation principles.
Emilie du Chatelet Posthumously, her ideas were heavily represented in the most famous text of the French Enlightenment, the Encyclopédie of Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond D’Alembert, first published shortly after Du Châtelet’s death.
Janita Meaning of name is gift from God
Fajada Butte It is also known as The Sun Dagger. It is located in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.
Lavelanet Perrine Laffont was born in Lavelanet
VOC (Dutch East India Company) The VOC (Dutch East India Company) was the first company to issue shares of it's stock. They also issued dividends (money given to stockholders from the company), of up to .
Hanneke Ippisch-Eikema she was ferrying Jewish children to safety during "World War II"
Novichok agent Developed by the Soviet Union in the 1980's.
njema njema is a nuclear physisist and sdrfrrrrdfjrifrijrjrijgrijftijgtijgirjgirjgirjgirigjrigjrigirgjrijgirgjirgjirjg
Ongaonga The Ongaonga is a a poisonous plant
Ongaonga It is found in New Zealand
Ongaonga It is covered with tiny white needles that inject a painful toxin
Ongaonga Multiple stingings can have a very painful reaction which causes inflammation, a rash, itching, and in high concentrations loss of motor movement, paralysis, drop in blood pressure, convulsions, blurred vision and confusion.
UY Scuti It is the biggest star that has been discovered so far, even bigger than VY Canis Majoris, which is part of the constellation Canis Major.
Wernigerode There is a castle in Wernigerode called Wernigerode Castle. It was built in the 12th century and it's main purpose was as a hunting lodge for German Emperors.
Karen Hesse born in Baltimore, Maryland.
Maen Twrog st Twrog's chapel is in the Severn estuary
Jiren Jiren is the main antagonist of the Tournament of Power arc.
Tachanka On tachankas shield on the leg it says lord backwards in rasain
Irvin D. Yalom Parents are Jewish Russian Immigrants to the USA
Bibliothèque Bleue It was printed in france on low quality papers in 17th and 18th century
Olajide Please provide more details. Thanks. Olajide was born June 19 1993 and has a younger brother named Deji
2-Nonenal Normal is the correct term for old people smell and it comes just because of the changes in humans body odor as they prog -ress through the various stages of life.
Megascops asio It is the scientifict name for the eastern Screch Owl and did you know that it is a bird that does not migrate.
Guovssahas Guovssahas is the name for the northern lights in Norway
Klaus Baudelaire Klaus Baudelaire is a middle child with an older sister named Violet and a younger sister named Sunny.
Tequesquite You can use tequesquite in tea, for upset stomach, or burn it andmixed with oil to spread it on the belly and cure the discomfort for digestion.
Britomartis Goddess of hunting and fishing nets
Gynoecium gynoecium consists of carpels that in turn consists of 3 parts stigma, style & ovary
Påske Is easter in Danish
NPTEL It's national programme on technology enhanced learning run by mhrd india
Guillermo Haro Guillermo Haro was born on March 21, 1913
Kevala There is a Sanskrit pronounciation for Kevala.
Scheimpflug Scheimpflug was an officer in the Austrian army. His name should be pronounced like in Austria, though!
Munsalvaesche It is a place in Parzival
Shire-Reeve In England 1200ad, A posse was formed to apprehend an offender. The posse had one person designated to act as leader. This person was known as the Shire Reeve. Later derived the word Sheriff.
Patari,sapahar, Naogaon Naogaon, city in Bangladesh
Van den Broeck Pieter Van den Broeck was one of the first importers of coffee into Europe.
hvítur Hvitur is a dragon in the Wings of Fire series by Tui T. Sutherland.
Guru Gobind Singh he was born on the 22nd december
Louis Jolliet Louis Jolliet was the first non-aboriginal explorer to travel and map the Mississippi River
Aradia (goddess) Aradia is the daughter of Diana and Lucifer.
Pat The Bunny Schneeweis Retired from his music career in 2016

Below are the top definitions of last week.

Walangeri Ngumpinku This is a area which is now part of Victoria Daly regional council.
Pays-d'en-Haut name given to the regions of the great lakes from Quebec to Ohio roughly during the 1700's
Jean-Henri Dunant After witness injuried soldiers being left behind in the Battle of Solferino, Dunant found necessary to raise a mechanism to protect them. So, he created the Red Cross.
Mainpuri mainpuru is a city in india
Ukerebagh it means ukerebagh island dudde
Ernest Maurice "Kiki" Vandeweghe III An nba player that has a hard name to pronounce
Thicc boye A thicc boye is dem fine a_ss boyes that you see. Dem a_sses are just big as he_ll and you want a slice of their cake. MMMMMMM I want me a thicc boye. Only if ;(
Gmelina It is a tree , Latin name is gmelina arborea
Gmelina arborea A tree .. in Sanskrit named as gambhari.
KERNOW The Cornish name for Cornwall.
vajra mushti vajra mushti is a weapon held in hand with several pointed ends
Jenny Jenny-a person who loves to eat food and pet cats and is absolutly awesome plus sje loves Noah Jupe
Sepia officinalis scientific name for the Common Cuttlefish
Uncompahgre Fritillary Butterfly The Uncompahgre Fritillary Butterfly is a rare butterfly that was listed on the endangered species list in 1991.
Inuvialuit A group in northern canada
steorra Star in old English
STANAG Magazine The term STANAG refers to the NATO agreement to allow soldiers to effortlessly share magazines for their rifles
Gomeisa A star in the constellation Canis Minoris - Beta CMi.
Dae Jang-geum Name of girl in 15 century Korea that became first physician to the emperor
Dadaidh Scottish Gaelic for Dad, daddy, father
shpilkes Needles, nervousness, ants in your pants
Khrushchyovka A Khrushchyova is low-cost, concrete, five storied, apartment building made in The Soviet Union and former Soviet states. Khrushchyovka were developed in the 1960's and were also called Khruschoba or Khrushchev slums.
Barry Allen (Arrowverse) Barry allen is a speedster who can run at super speed. He is also known as The Flash. He has various othet superpowers thanks to the speed force. Other speedsters include eobard thawne( reverse flash) hunter zolomon( zoom/black flash) ishan mishra (maximus) Wally west(kid flash)
Joao Lourenco João Lourenço is the third and current president of The Republic of Angola as of 2018
Haruhi Fujioka She is a problem solver and is able to find differences easily.
Biscochitos the official state cookie of new mexico
GIAT Giat is Welsh for “Gate”
Above In expanded space
Ma’at She is the goddess of truth and justice
Humbaba guardian of the ceder forest
Iögo According to Ultima Foods, Iögo is a made-up word.
Irvin D. Yalom Name of the author and psychiatrist who wrote "When Nietsche Wept", "The Schopenhauer Cure", "Becoming Myself"
Megascops asio Megascops asio is the scientific name for an Eastern Screech Owl (owl).
Megascops asio Megascops asio is the scientific name for the Eastern Screech Owl (owl.
Pleistocene megafauna Animals over 44 kg that lived before the Pleistocene era
Sphaeria artocreas Artocreas = ancient Greek meat pie with no top crust
Min Yoongi My definition for Min Yoongi is Cool, A little savage, kind hearted and very motivational.
conas ata tu The Gaelic for, "How are you?"
Mekubal A mekubal or mekubbal is the hebrew name for one who studies, believes and practices the esoteric system of Kabbalah.
Ore-Ida company The company that invented tater tots in 1953
Ore-Ida I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies. I eat babies.
Helen Barnett Diserens Diserens is originally a French-Swiss name from Vaud on the north shore of Lake Geneva
chick o stick Nasty orange bar of filth derived from the nutsac of the prince of the bog of stench
CATY caty means a person who has a greek name.
Haejangguk Haejangguk is a soup. It directly translates to "soup to chase a hangover", but is often just called "hangover soup".
Gynoecium female reproductive organ in the flower
Ageratina altissima This is a poisonous plant causing an illness called milk sickness
hypopharyngeal Hypopharyngeal glands are used for secretion of bee milk.
Scheimpflug Scheimpflug invented a method to align (position) the photographic camera such that minimizes the image distortions, i.e., minimum distortions in an image containing objects laying from 1m to 1km distance. See details at http://www.optowiki.info/glossary/scheimpflug-principle/
UY Scuti A red super-giant star, in the final stages of it's life. Having echausted
UY Scuti A red super - giant star, in the final stages of it's life. Having exhausted it's supply of hydrogen, it began to burn helium, which is a lighter element than hydrogen, causing the star to have decreased gravity. This allows the outer layers, far enough from the core,
johka Sami word for River
pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiose Pneumoultramicroscopicossilicovulcanoconiose is a lung disease (pneumo) caused by microscopic (microscopico) silica (silico) particles from volcanos (vulcan).
Gion Bayashi A century-old Kyoto festival still being held in Japan featuring elaborately decorated floats representing the provinces of Japan.
Gion Bayashi Gion Bayashi are the musicians who attend the floats. The entire festival is Gion Matsuri.
Prevotella melaninogenica Prevotella melaninogenica is a species of bacterium in the normal flora of the upper respiratory tract. It is an important human pathogen in various anaerobic infections, often mixed with other aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.
Guru Gobind Singh he was the 10th guru in sikhism
Archegosauridae Archegosauridae is a family of relatively large and long snouted temnospondyls that lived in the Permian period. They were fully aquatic animals, and were metabolically and physiologically more similar to fish than modern amphibians.
Shang One of the first dynasties in chins
Majnun character in a Persian poem
Moto Guzzi Griso One of a kind styling exercise performance motorcycle from Italian maker Moto Guzzi

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