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Below are the top facts of last week.

SCADA Stands for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition
Oskar Fischinger Oskar actually created the music genre 'rap', he is actually the first known person to create rap music and perform it.
Guy Randall-Johnson YES. Responsible for the deliberate deprivation of a child of a once loved parent is a harmful act which removes the child’s right to sovereignty. It is child abuse. The unconscious alienation of a child by an unwell parent who is attempting to resolve childhood issues through the use of their own child, is a harmful act which removes the child’s right to sovereignty. It is child abuse. And abuse is something which children must be protected from without question.
Dremora Shiat in thy shorts is goot 1998
Anselm Jappe anselm jappe was born in Germany
S'well bottle it is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwellit is pronounced suhwell
Nluu language It has only three speakers, which live in different villages in Africa, so it is no longer spoken.
Areop-Enap Lacks Details.The primordial spider, which, according to mythology of Nauru in Micronesia, initiated the creation of the sea and sky.
Acharya Dev Vrat Acharya dev vrat is governor of Himachal Pradesh
Kitai-Gorod Kitai-Gorod is a station the Russian apocalyptic book series "Metro 2033"
Kitai-Gorod Kitai-Gorod is Run by crime syndicates and is nicknames "Chinatown
Swae Lee he is 24 years old
Fuadach nan Gàidheal Fuadach nan Gàidheal is Gaelic for "Highland Clearances"
Muezza The Islamic Prophet Muhammad is said to have had a most beloved cat among his many. Her name was Muezza. The predominant story beyond their bond tells of a day when Muhammad is awaken to the daily call to prayer and found as he got ready that he could not get to his prayer robe as Muezza was in a deep slumber upon it. He cut the sleeve of the rope off, in order not to wake her, and made haste to the mosque. Upon his return, Muezza presented to him a bow. The tale of Muezza has impacted Islamic, as well as universal, perceptions of cats and has even influenced pet foods and supplies.
Ouray, Colorado Ouray /ˈjʊəreɪ/ wikipedia. jʊər rhymes with cure (= /juːr/)eɪ rhymes with payI'm from Colorado, and yes, we say (more or less) your-ay or as some would write, you-ray. (kind of rhymes with "When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pieThat's amore ...")
Mont Sainte-Victoire It was painted by Paul Cezanne about 30 times as the focal point and as a background
Vanellus miles novaehollandiae Also known as the Masked lapwing, Southern Masked lapwing and Spur-winged plover. They originated from Australia but have self introduced them selves to places like New Zealand and New Guinea. They have a yellow spur on each wing which is shown when aggressive.
Jhan Marinez Jhan Marinez was born August 15th in the year of 1769.
Jnanpith Award As of 2015, the cash prize has been revised to ₹11 lakh (equivalent to ₹12 lakh or US$18,000 in 2016) and out of twenty-three eligible languages the award has been presented for works in fifteen Indian languages.
Poquetanuck (Preston) It is a village located in the town of Preston, CT
Shinsuke Nakamura Is now on smackdown live!
Skanda Vale Skanda vale is a place having multi - faith temple in South west Wales of UK .
SECIS element SECIS means selenocysteine insertion sequence and it a part of the RNA needed to make a selenium-containing protein.
Taeguk Warriors Please provide more details. Thanks. They were idiots. They were always idiots. Since the dawn of time they were idiots. They were recognized as idiots since the 1990's. THere is no way they wouldn't be idiots. I mean, look at them, they're idiots. They really just true idiots in every sense of the word, in every context of the word, in every application of the word. Is that enough detail for you
Eden xo Yeah, she's in love with the concept
SZA (singer) Her real name is Solána Imani Rowe and the proper pronunciation of SZA is "siz-ah"
Chasma Boreale Chasma Boreale is a large canyon in Mars's north polar ice cap. It is about 560 km (350 mi) long.
Baek Doo San Baek Doo San was first introduced in the arcade game Tekken 2 in 1995.
zimi Zimi Samune is a character of vocaloid which is shown in a video with a song named reboot.
Latitiya was the mother of Nepoleon
Määttä In Finnish the double ä is stretched out AngIn Finnish the double ä is stretched out a bit and both t's are pronounced
Tamil months ranosh was born in May 1st 2007
Kaffeekantate Kaffeekantate was a song written by composed Johann Sebastian Bach, partly for a love of coffee and partly to rebel against the German belief that woman should not drink coffee.
Mamakating, New York Mamekoting was one of the Hudson Valley native American tribes; today it is the name of a town in Sullivan County, NY, which has been "white man-ized" and respelled erroneously as Mamakating. Pronounce it "ma-MA-ka-TING", accent 2nd and 4th syllables, otherwise it ridiculously sounds like "Kating's Mama"!
Ishmael Beah Ishmael Beah was born in November 23 ,1980.
Bangtan Sonyeondan Their band names are Rap Monster, Suga, Jimin, Jin, V, Jungkook, and J-Hope. their real names are Kim Namjoon, Min Yoogi, Park Jimin, Kim Seokjin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jeongguk, and Jung Hoseok. BTW I put the real names in the same order as the band names.
Phaeolus schweinitzii Please provide more details. Thanks. known as dyer's polypore. Used to dye fabric and yarn.
Duanwu Festival We are going to Guilin in southern China to enjoy the Duanwu festival celebration
Rapunzel (Disney) rapunzel was the first princess with super natural powers
D'Abadie D'abadie is in the east
Couvade Syndrome When man takes on pregnancy symptoms of the woman who is bearing his child.
Teoc, Mississippi Senator John McCain's ancestor, William Alezander McCain had the Teoc Plantation here in Civil War times.
Vegies The word is "vegetables". It is not "veggies", "vegies" or any other spelling that you can come up with. Just stop.
Veggies The fact is that the word is "vegetables". Anyone who uses the word "veggies" and is not a two year old, needs to take stock of their life.

Below are the top definitions of last week.

Siemens Siemens is a large multinational corporation with headquarters in Munich,Germany.
Tanha Tanha is translated from early Pali texts by Buddhist studies scholar, Stephen Batchelor to describe the desire and cravings of people that can create reactions that cause suffering.
envalent To be completely disabled. To not be able to complete everyday tasks by yourself.
quinquaginta Quinquaginta means fifty in Latin.
Llangollen, Wales The church (Llan-) of St Collen (-gollen). He founded a church in Llangollen in the 7th century. The monk is said to have arrived in the town by coracle.
uniquity Uniquity, Noun. (Countable and uncountable, plural uniquities) The state or quality of being unique
Beormingas old name for BIRMINGHAM
La Capitale The capital in French
ég elska þig It means "I love you" in Icelandic.
Nieznany Polish for Unknown
The Idoru Anglicized version of the Japanese word for "Idol" - aidoru.
Craugastor escoces A frog species known as the Heredia Robber Frog; after being declared extinct officilly in 2004, and not having been seen since 1986, the Robber Frog was found in Costa Rica a reported by Costa Rican scientists on June 6, 2017
Browicz-Kupffer cells They are specialized macrophages located in the liver, lining the walls of the sinusoids that form part of the mononuclear phagocyte system. 1 Votes
Tetteh Quarshie name of the father of the cocoa cultivation in ghana
Cleistesiopsis A genus of pogonia orchid
Lamborghini Egoista A Lamborghini Egoista is a not autistic creature that is very beautiful and is extremely smart. It deserves to live.
Tamaki Kawazoe Someone in a manga
Acacia Concinna Acacia Concinna is known as SHIKAKAI in Indian languages.It is mostly used in making herbal shampoo as it makes the hair thicker and stronger
Sarraounia Title of a Female chieftain of the Hausa people
Lelija In Lithuanian the word means Lilly
Lepidopterophobia It's when you have a high fear of butterflies
Maglia Rosa Maglia Rosa is a indeterminate cherry tomato with oblong pointed fruit.
Hansol Vernon Chwe American-Korean god who is an angel one minute and a bad boy the next
sjuksköterska NURSE (female nurserer of the ill)
Jnanpith Award The Jnanpith Award is an Indian literary award presented annually by the Bharatiya Jnanpith to an author for their "outstanding contribution towards literature". Instituted in 1961, the award is bestowed only on Indian writers writing in Indian languages included in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution of India and English.
Taeguk Warriors It means idiot warriors. They were idiots, therefore they were dubbed idiot warriors. Because they were always idiots, and could never in their wildest fantasies escape their idiotic tendencies.
Aegae (Macedon) an ancient settlement in Achaea located northwest of modern Aigeira.
Ubiquity Uniquity, Noun. (Countable and uncountable, plural uniquities) The state or quality of being unique
Siemens3 Siemens is a large multinational corporation with headquarter in Munich,Germany.
Living rent free To always think about someone.
Remasculate opposite of emasculate i.e. to regain masculinity after a particularly feminine event.
Glavnoye Razvedyvatel'noye Upravleniye abbreviated GRU (Russian: ГРУ; IPA: [geeˈru]), is the foreign military intelligence agency of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (formerly the Soviet Army General Staff of the Soviet Union). Mr. Rinat Akhmetshin, the Russian-Soviet lobbyist now identified as the sixth member of the infamous Trump, Jr. meeting on June 9, 2016, is identified in media reports as a former officer in Russia’s military intelligence service known as the GRU.
Mawrth Welsh name for Mars. In The Martian by Andy Weir, Mitch travels along Mawrth Vallis (Mars Valley) to get to the Ares 4 site.
majstro Greek for Friend
Futevôlei Alireza naemi of iran of bojnourd..player futevolei
Snout (band) someone who always interrupts a conversation to correct or contradict the person speaking
Manicouagan Reservoir Circular lake caused by an asteroid impact. http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2013/04/21/impact_crater_astronaut_photo_of_the_manicouagan_crater_in_quebec.html
Xenosophy Xenosophy is a word meaning "strange wisdom" or "alien wisdom". Comprised of the Greek root words "Xeno" meaning strange, foreign, or alien and "Sophia" meaning wisdom.
centodiciotto When there are puttane and froci under the porticati of teramo in italy
Hegelian All three of your UK pronunciations are different!!! Which the hell is it???
Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjarðar Please provide more details. Thanks. They are an icelandic football team that are slowly becoming one of the top teams in Iceland
Ranidaphobia the fear of frogs
Shurhozelie Liezietsu He is a chief minister of Nagaland state
Konohagakure An Anime/Manga created in Japan. A story with Naruto Uzumaki, who lives in the Village Hidden in the Leaves (Konohagakure/Konoha)
Xian Mao Means String Cat in English
Cabelas Cabela's is a popular chain of outdoors and hunting/fishing stores in the U.S. and Canada
JQuery Javascript library used by 65% of websites
Achelois A minor goddess, her name means "She who washes away pain."
Ceanothus Silkmoth the Ceanothus Silkmoth is a moth of the family Saturniidae. It is found in the dry intermontane valleys and interior of British Columbia south to Baja California. The large moth has a wingspan is 89–127 mm.
Taumatawhakatangihangaoauauotameteat uripukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenua kitanatahu Longest name of a place still in use; a hilltop in New Zealand
Glinides Glinides are hypoglycemic drugs, used in type 2 diabetes
sulit Something that is worth it
Vegies A misspelling of the worst word on earth.
Veggies Because I refuse to acknowledge the existence of the word, I have no definition for it.

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