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Below are the top facts of last week.

Justin Matthew (Entrepreneur) Justin was born in Sharon, PA SEPTEMBER 1978. He is a top social media influencer known for managing householdhacker also known as JMHHACKER
Devon Loch there is an idiom- "to do a devon loch" which means - failing when you are very close to winning. Devon loch was a horse which collapsed when he was going to win the grand national race! insta- @bhavika802
Echoism Echoism is, according to Donna Savery, the silent response to narcissism. The term originates from the character of Echo in Ovid's myth of Echo and Narcissus found in The Metamorphoses, who is silenced by a curse. Ironically, her experience has, like her voice in the myth, been silenced, in relation to that of her counterpart Narcissus.
Ivan Mauger Ivan Mauger was born in New Zealand and won the world speedway championship titlle six times
Flamacue This rudiment was part of the original Standard 13 American Drum Rudiments published by NARD.
D'Arby Daniel J. D'Arby is an well known gambler in Cairo.He likes to cheat and say his catchphrase, "GOODU!"
Paul Kelpe He was born in Minden, Germany in 1902
Zakuro Fujiwara Zakuro Fujiwara is a character from the Shojo manga & anime series, Tokyo Mew Mew.
Metoprolol Succinate I prefer the Italian pronounciation. "UCC" should be elegantly prounouced "ewch" like "Gucci" not "ucks" like "sucks" try it!
Turuiemon One of his attacks are ninja fist.
Guy stephens celin Guy Stephens Celin is Film Director, Screenwriter and Film Editor.
Vaganova Ballet Academy The school has been teaching Vaganova-style ballet technique for over two centuries.
Scincella lateralis Can be encouraged to live in woody brush piles, especially if leaf litter is nearby. Often flush away so fast the human eye and brain cannot form an image of what is being seen. Sometimes an adult may pose still for a longer time. An adult may stay still in sight while young flush away to cover it the family is caught away from leaf litter or brush pile.
Mount Peechee Peechee is robin in cree
Utcubamba River The Utcubamba River forms through the Utcubamba Valley; Macchu Pichu is right above it!
Trifolium repens white wild flowers. Can be used to make daisy chains.
Michał Tomaszek Michał Tomaszek got murdered in Chimbote, Peru for his faith and is beautified by Pope Francis for being a martyr.
Utstein Style Method of collecting data for the treatment given to cardiac arrest victims
Neonicotinoids Neonicotinoids are currently killing bumblebees and other types of bees as well. It is used to kill unwanted insects and is also killing already endangered bumble bees such as the rusty-patched bumble bee.
Taepodong-2 The Taepodong-2, North Korea's furthest-range missile that we know have, is incapable of hitting Hawaii, let alone the US mainland.
Prinzregentenplatz (Munich U-Bahn) Hitlers private house was located in Munich, Prinzregentenplatz
Adermatoglyphia some one born without fingerprints
Zoe Nightshade (Percy Jackson) Zoe Nightshade was put into the stars by Artemis, who was sad to see one of her most beloved hunters go.
Zoe Nightshade (Percy Jackson) Zoe made Percy's current sword, Riptide, and gave it to Hercules, betrading her family in the process. She was removed from myths and after Hercules betraded her, Zoe grew hate for all male half-bloods. She joined Artemis's Hunters were she took on a vow to stay away from all males.
Zoe Nightshade (Percy Jackson) Zoe is Artemis's top hunter. She has stayed by Artemis since forever and Thaila keeps trying to get Zoe to say "you" instead of thee, an one term for you. At first she had trouble saying it, then she failed with grammer.
Megatherium Since the original discovery, numerous other fossil Megatherium skeletons have been discovered across South America, in Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay
Pataflafla This rudiment was added to Standard 26 American Drum Rudiments by PAS to form the current list of 40 PAS Rudiments.
Pangasianodon gigas their the largest freshwater fish in the world
Shiing-Shen Chern he was sort of a not straight man as in he was into other males meaning he was a homo (i think)
Gyo Obata architect of the national air and space museum
Misogynoir Misogynoir was a term coined by queer black feminist Moya Bailey in 2010
Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine It is the motto of Maryland.
Darke County, Ohio Annie Oakley was born in darke county Ohio
Tanwir Phool Tanwir Phool was born on September 3rd , 1948 in India (Muzaffarpur). For more information and his introduction in Wikipedia , please type tanwir phool in google search and see the result
Triticum aestivatum Common name of Triticum aestivum is WHEAT
Chien-Shiung Wu she was deemed "The First Lady of Physics"
Maknae I.M is the maknae of Monsta X
Stomolophus meleagris The Cannonball Jellyfish is also known as the Cabbage-Head Jelly
Meechy Darko Meechy Darko is an African American hip hop rapper from Brooklyn, New York. He is one third of Flatbush Zombies, a hip hop group.

Below are the top definitions of last week.

Chen Youliang It's like a name or something
Justin Matthew (Entrepreneur) Business man and founder at IBOOMMEDIA, CHECKMATE SOCIAL and known as the fiverr king. Featured in Forbes, Huffington Post Copromote Kred and many other social publications.
Empyreus Heaven, the highest and most prized heaven. The heaven of heaven.
Klobasnek The actual name for "pig in a blanket" or what some call a kolache in Texas. Kolaches are actually fruit filled pastries, Klobasniky or klobasnek is the word for a meat filled pastry.
Echoism To be silenced. Psych - a prevalent tendency towards Selflessness, devaluation of self. Often found in relationships with narcissists. From the nymph Echo, in myth of Echo and Narcissus - Ovid
Echoism Echoism is a clinical entity and a psychological concept in its own right, in which an individual lacks a sense of self and values the other, over her own existence. It is a response to narcissism and a distinct condition.
Joacim Cans Joacim Cans (born 19 February 1970 in Mora, Sweden) is the lead singer of HammerFall, a Swedish power metal band. (https://en.wikipedia.org/)
B'nai Mitzvah Children of covenant
Flamacue A group of five single strokes with Flams on the first and last notes where the second and last notes are accented.
Agnetha Fältskog Former singer with Swedish pop group ABBA
Tanwir Phool "Tanwir" means " refulgence " and "Phool" means "flower". Tanwir Phool is a prominent poet and writer. He writes in English and Urdu. He has been awarded with the Presidential Award by the Government of Pakistan. He has been blessed with the Cash Award of Rs.151,000/- . His 12 books have been published so far. Please see this link : allaboutreligions.blogspot.com
Jinba ittai Jinba Ittai - in Japanese, is a term used by mounted archers Japanese, called Yabusame, to describe the moment when the two beings are felt as one, such is the degree of connection, understanding and mutual appreciation
D'Arby Daniel J. D'Arby is an well known gambler in Cairo.He likes to cheat and say his catchphrase, "GOODU!"
Haiyuan County it means to eat cake
Panda An animal that lives in China and eats a plant called Bamboo and white and black fur
Bonjour Bonjour is French for 'Hello'
Bougainvillea a flower in the tropics
Elagabalus Teenage Roman Emperor who ruled for 4 years
Osage osage is a tribe of Indians
Sardar Azmoun Iranian national football team striker, known by some as "Iranian Messi"
Nullius in verba on the word of no one
Reyn a name
Asnelles Town on the Normandy coast of France
Quincy Promes Footballer for the Netherlands International team and Russian First League side Spartak Moskow. Commonly is known for playing on the Right wing
Ciara A name
Ciara a girls name that parent name kids rarely
Aarav Aarav means peaceful, its a hindi word.
Aarav peaceful, it is a hindi word. Names given to boys
Aarav peaceful, it is a hindi word. Names given to boys
palmerales a group of palm trees
Francois Pyrard de Laval François Pyrard of Laval
Asubha Non beautiful or unattractive aspects of the body
Ericeira town in portugal
Presyncope Feeling light-headed and faint
Vive La Différence! Long live the distinction!
Yudhisthira The eldest of the five Pandava brothers in the Mahabharata: fathered by Dharma, he was the king of the Kuru kingdom, cheated out of the kingdom at dice by his cousin -- the titular cause of the Great War rec
Dja Faunal Reserve The Dja Faunal Reserve is a jungle in Cameroon, Africa, surrounded by the Dja River.
AVNRT A arrhythmia of the heart where your heart starts beating faster than normal. Not life-threateninh
Nithhogg Meaning "The Dread Biter", Nithhogg is a dragon from Norse paganism that lies under Yggdrasil (the tree of life) and chews on its roots. Nithhogg represents the slow but inevitable destruction of the universe and life itself.
Svið an icelandic dish consisting of sheep heads
Michał Tomaszek He is a martyr for his faithful service at Chimbote, Peru
Saille My name is Saille. It's pronounced "sigh-AY." It's represented by the Willow tree. And means "One who bends, but never breaks."
Chvostek's sign A tap at facial nerve at angle of jaw produces twitching of facial muscles.
Connoisseur An expert judge in matters of taste.
Charoite Charoite is a rare silicate mineral, first described in 1978 and named for the Chara River. It has been reported only from the Sakha Republic, Siberia, Russia.
Weil im Schonbuch a place in Germany
G.O.M.D. G.O.M.D stands for "Get Off My D***
Tonatiuh Tonatiuh is the Aztec sun god. His face appears on the Calendar Stone (Sun Stone). It is one of the artifacts found beneath downtown Mexico City from the ruins of the ancient Aztec capital Tenochtitlan.
Kooistra (surname) Duck hunter / duck blind builder
Smiljan Smiljan is a city in croatia in which nikola tesla was born
Pataflafla A group of four single strokes with Flams on the first and last notes.
Hialeah A place in Miami, FL
Hialeah A place in Miami, FL
Mosaicplasty Mosaicplasty is the process of donating or transplanting cartilage
Luis A. Ferre Performing Arts Center Louis A Ferre said alot about internet
Misogynoir misogyny directed towards black women in which race and gender come in to play, especially in American visual and popular culture
Fatti Maschii, Parole Femine It means Manly Deeds, Womanly words.
blæc There is literally no more detail you stupid website, the word means "black" in Old English.
Aiua (Ender's Game) A soul of a being
Casino de Ponce a place in Puerto Rico
Chien-Shiung Wu she was a nuclear physicist who worked on the Manhattan project during the war, helping build the atomic bomb
Isia cornuta Isia cornuta is a moth in the famely Erebidae.
THAAD Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system
duorggat Twigs used to form the floor for travelling Sami
talebearer a person who maliciously gossips or reveals secrets
Loropetalum another name for a Chinese fringe flower