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Below are the top facts of last week.

Japaridze Surname of a noble family in Georgia (Eastrn Europe) from 1400 AD.
Lieutenant (Canada) The official pronunciation in Canada is Left tenant, but outside the military and government many people are influenced by the American Loo tenant.
Zhou Chuan Xiong Zhou chuan xiong has two children with his wife wife Vivian. A son and a daughter.
Xerospermophilus Xerospermophilus is a genus of ground squirrels in the family Sciuridae, containing four species.
Roborovski Hamster They live the longest out of all the breeds of hamsters.
Kallai Kallai was born in 1993
Dieter Rams Dieter Rams came up with ten principles of design which have been called the design ten commandments.
Clostridium chauvoei Clostridium chauvoei is a spore-forming bacteria that, in severe infections, cause blackleg.
Yoon Eun-Hye Yoon eun hye was born on October 3, 1984
April 30th 30th of april
Rudolf Kjellen He was one of the first using biopolitic terms
Metagross (Pokémon) Metagross has a mouth on the bottom of its head that is lined with sharp teeth
Kele Okereke Singer and rhythm guitarist of the UK indie rock band Bloc Party
Kelud It is located in Indonesia
Polperro Polperro was actually the birth place of Elvis, who was born there while his parents were on vacation.
Polperro Polperro means “Place of Sunshine” in Latin and “Place of People” in Spanish.
Witez II Great Polish Arabian stallion saved by Americans from advancing Russian armies in the spring of 1945
Sokoine University The Sokoine University of Agriculture is located in Morogora, Tanzania.
Pema Chodron Its a Tibetan name. and the below pronunciations are not correct. pema is read as pea( like head's ea) cho as choe and droen.
papadums Please provide more details. Thanks. The papadum left his family he said he was going to the shops but her hasnt come back in 16 years
Pothos (plant) This is a plant having adventitious root,which helps in climbing the surface.
Joseph Jongen Born in Belgium 1873
Joseph Jongen He was born in 1873 in Belgium
Zoran Music Zoran Music was born in 1909
Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette King George III’s brother convinced Lafayette to fight against Great Britain. In August 1775, Lafayette attended a dinner party at which Great Britain’s Duke of Gloucester, younger brother of King George III, was the guest of honor. The duke, who had been condemned by the king over his choice of a bride, hit back at his royal brother’s policies in the American colonies and praised the exploits of liberty loving Americans at the opening battles of the American Revolution at Lexington and Concord a fewmonths earlier. Lafayette, whose father died in 1759 fighting the British during the Seven Years War, received the inspiration he needed to strike back against the red coats.
Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch-Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette is not the longest name in the world. Adolph Blaine Charles David Earl Frederick Gerald Hubert Irvin John Kenneth Lloyd Martin Nero Oliver Paul Quincy Randolph Sherman Thomas Uncas Victor William Xerxes Yancy Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff, Senior is.
Piteado Piteado is an artisan technique where thread from the century plant is embroidered onto leather in highly decorative patterns.
Alberbury with Cardeston, Shropshire Please provide more details. Thanks. alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8alberbury is pronounced ALDERBURY M8
Dahlonega, Georgia Ashley McBryde wrote her hit song about the town: "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega."
Lueders Lueders is the surname of famous singer and actor Carson Lueders
Nullius in verba This is the motto of The Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge.
Pozsony Pozsony is the Hungarian name for Bratislava.
Pochinki Tilted tower of Pubg. Where all the good stuff stored and pro's land.
Armuchee, Georgia It is pronounced Ar mur chee. It is north of Rome , Ga
Chilean coup d'etat Kurt Cobain was arrested when he was 19 for spray-painting "ain't got no how whatchamacallit" on the side of a local Seafirst Bank Building.
Valkyrie (Brunnhilde) the last known alive valkyrie. Was commonly referred to as valkyrie, but her real name is brunnhilde
Dooney & Bourke Wrote the company over this. It’s properly pronounced berk or burk. Never Bork!
Quaxolotl Quaxolotl is a goddess of Mesoamerica. Her image parts into two heads, representing twins, duality, and schizophrenia.
Akbar Gbaja-Biamila Akbar is 39 years old
Galveston, Texas Galveston was the super storm of the season! Eskitit
Racetrack Playa it is located in death valley, california
Yr Wyddfa Highest mountain peak in Wales, in the Snowdon mountain range.
Jaroslav Hasek One of the great early 20th century Czech writers, best known for the novel The Good Soldier
Banastre Tarleton Banastre Tarleton was born on August 21, 1754, in England.
Mitutoyo Every pronunciation of "Mitutoyo" given here is wrong (except the Japanese one), because your average person doesn't understand that 'tu' is used in the lesser-used Romanization method where 'tsu' is generally used. The company name is "Mitsutoyo."
Yusaku Maezawa In 2018 Yusaku Maezawa was announced to be the first paying costumer on SpaceX's BFR for a trip around the moon.
Louisbourg, Nova Scotia Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, fell to a British attack in 1758.
bröd Everyday, motivated young men and women around the world wake up and think to themselves "let's get this bröd!"
Katharina Schraderin Her story was the story behind Hansel and Gretal. She was wrongly portrayed in the tale.
Essak Khumari Essak khumari was a village but now days it's become a town.essak khumari is located in District karak kpk Pakistan.
Anopheles gambiae Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes are the primary vector responsible for spreading malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.
Beothuk The Beothuk were the first Native Americans in contact with Europeans (Vikings).
Baiji Dolphin Is only found in the Yangtze River
List of Central Asian countries Tan means Land or country for example Tajikistan means Land of the Tajik people
2 Days & 1 Night Two days and one night
Nongthombam Biren Singh He was born on 1st January in 1961.
Canis lupus occidentalis Marshal Jones was born in 1989.
Canis lupus occidentalis John May was the first person to eat cheese in 1456, May 1st.
Pend Oreille It is NOT pronounced PEND er ray. It is pronounced POND er ray. It means "hangs from the ear"

Below are the top definitions of last week.

De Oppresso Liber Free The Oppressed . Or more along the meaning of fight or free those who cannot fight or free themselves. Depends on the company you keep . . .Like Semper Fidelis , it has several literal translations but if you've shed blood for or connected to either it isn't something that can be explained .
Pays-d'en-Haut name given to the regions of the great lakes from Quebec to Ohio roughly during the 1700's
Cheri Cheri Lady Oh I cannot explain Every time it's the same Oh I feel that it's real Take my heart I've been lonely too long Oh I can't be so strong Take a chance for romance Take my heart I need you so There's no time I'll ever go Cheri Cheri Lady Goin' through emotion Love is where you find it Listen to your heart Cheri Cheri Lady Livin' in devotion Always like the first time Let me take a part
AFAB Asigned female at birth. A term used to describe someone designated "female" at birth.
ወንድ the amharic word for boy.
900 900th year anniversary of the Battle of Hastings
Jaliba Kuyateh The name Jaliba means great praise singer or griot in his native Mandinka language. His father, Kebba Sankung Kuyateh, also a renowned Kora player, gave him the name in anticipation of his future greatness.[2] Jaliba was born and raised in Niamina Dankunku[3] to musician parents approximately 61 years ago. He was officially born on the April 13th 1957,[4] though there is some controversy as to the exact date he was born as births in his village were not recorded at the time.[2] His grandfather, Wandifeng Jali, was also a famous Kora player of his time. Despite coming from a long line of musicians
Ossie Schectman Was an old NBA player in the 1900s
Cuauhxicalli A ceremonial holding area for sacreficed hearts
Shishunaga dynasty Shishunaga was the founder of this dynasty. He was succeeded by kalashoka, who transferred the capital form Vaishali to pataliputra.
δύναμη Please provide more details. Thanks. strength, or power as used in the book, Jersey Plummer And Volcanic Lightning
Samgyupsal samgyupsal is a three layered flesh, its like a bacon but much thicker
Anansi the Spider Anansi, the trickster from the folktales of the Ashanti of West Africa, takes the shape of a spider who goes to the sky god to buy his stories to share with the world. Anansi’s stories would become popular through the African diaspora all over the Caribbean and southern US.
Harkut-ul-Mujahideen The way(s) of the Mujahideen
Kinelski Ust ( mouth of ) Kinel ( river in Samara area of Russia ) ski ( region of ).
Smirking emoji An evil smile A crooked or sideways smile
Hygge Hygge is a natural beautiful wonderful feeling that surrounds you in Peace and Joy! You cannot go out and "buy" it. It is like the feeling you had when you saw one of the sunsets that you still remember, and how you basked in delight at the pure beauty of it all. Or perhaps if you are a yarn lover, it's what you experienced when you saw and touched a deep rich colored beautiful soft yarn....Remember?
Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny A character in The Phantom of the Opera.
Kademlia A DHT peer-to-peer network. Designed by Maymounkov and Mazières in 2002. Similar to Pastry. Routes messages based on distance between nodes. Interpretation of the distance metric uses bitwise XOR function to measure distances. Address space based on a binary tree
Altaïr ibn La-Ahad Thanks. Thanks. Altair Ibn La-Ahad Means: 'The Flying eagle, son of no one' According to the wiki.
Qaitbey Its a famous sultan in Egypt
cattywampus something that is diraectly across from somethinh
Abigail "Abby" Sciuto Abby sciuto is a character from NCIS played by pauley perrette
Bundner Nusstorte A traditional Swiss Food. It is dope;lit!
Koryne Horbal A woman that Is a singe
Ritsuryo A Chinese code of law.
Prämie The German word for "bonus" or "premium"
Sulvere Sanskrit word meaning "Sulphur". Like the yellow element sulfur.
Ediacaran Relating to the Ediacara hills in Australia, the early life forms discovered there (the "Ediacaran biota"), and the geological period during which they flourished
Nullius in verba It is taken to mean 'take nobody's word for it'. It is an expression of the determination of Fellows to withstand the domination of authority and to verify all statements by an appeal to facts determined by experiment.
Olorgesailie A basin in Kenya. The site of many important discoveries relating to human origin and development
Pochinki A place where you are gonna die for sure. Unless you are a pro.
CAR and CDR Historical acronyms for opcodes on IBM computers. Modern Lisp dialects still use these to refer to the left and right hand sides of a cons cell. CAR: Contents of the Address Register. Pronounced "car". CDR: Contents of the Decrement Register. Pronounced "could-er" or "see-der", but never pronounced "kah-der" (could be confused with CADR (equivalent to CAR of the CDR).
Park Min-Young Lead star at healer together with ji chang wook
Mawsynram In India Mawsynram of meghalaya is receives the highest rainfall
Tehuti another name for the egpytian god Thoth
Jhum cultivation In this cultivation , people were not allowed to move freely , practice jhum cultivation , collect fruits or hunt animals .
spazzer Giving info about kpop idols
Gd-BOPTA It is hepatotropic MRI contrast agent used for imaging focal liver lesions
Hippocampus zosterae a type of seahorse -dwarf seahorse
Nipsy a sweet heart girl
Antoine Desgodetz An Antoine Desgodetz is a northern bavarian long drink containing coconut milk, Baileys and melted butter.
soliflore a fragrance created to epitomize the scent of a particular flower
Vembanad (lake) Vembanad kayal or Vembanad kol is the longest Lake in India and the largest Lake in the state of kerala
Deima its a name that means "Diamond" in Lithuaniam
Racetrack Playa Please provide more details. Thanks. rocks that move across a dry lake bed at either a few inches or 3000 ft.
La Fanciulla Del West The Girl of the Golden West
Pueraria montana The scientific name for the the invasive Kudzu Vine.
Beothuk The First Nations tribe native to the island of Newfoundland, now extinct due to genocide and diseases carried by from European settlers.
Blaenau-Ffestiniog Its a whore house in Wales
Stambovsky vs. Ackley stambovsky vs ackley is a famous article for university students
Gurjit Its a punjabi name
PSIPRED PSI-blast based secondary structure PREDiction (PSIPRED) is a method used to investigate protein structure
Nongthombam Biren Singh Nongthombam Biren Singh (born 1 January 1961)is an Indian politician and former footballer and journalist. He is the current Chief Minister of Manipur.
Zalmunna Bible:Judges7;1-8:5,Midianite ruler,Israelites enemy in the days of Gideon. The Lord reduced Gideon's army from 33,000 to 300 men defeated Zebah & Zalmunna the Midianite kings
Pend Oreille Pend Oreille (POND or ray) Means Hangs from the ear.
Pamunkey . pamunkey is an indian tribe that lived in the bc
Sin cos tan sin, cos and tan are trigonometric functions of an angle. sin is short for sine, and pronounced "sign" (to rhyme with line) cos is short for cosine, and pronounced "coz" (to rhyme with because) tan is short for tangent, and pronounced "tan"
Schrage Musik A cannon on german fighters that killed bombers in ww2. It was generally located behind the cockpit and pointed up at 70°, with the intent of sneaking up under the bomber and sawing off a wing, striking the bomb bay etc
Higuey, Dominican Republic it means to kill yourself
Aptoide Aptoide is an alternative to the Google Play Store on Android phones that was released November, 17, 2009. Aptoide (unlike Google Play that is not user generated) is a user generated app store for Android phones where each use manages their own store.

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